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Warning: This post has too many parenthetical phrases and asterisktical side comments. (That is, if the word “asterisktical” actually officially exists ;)) May I also warn you about the run-on sentences? Read at your own risk. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/32…. There was a time when our readers on Tumblr would

GG happy easter 20128x8

An Animated Happy Easter Greeting! :)

Happy Easter! Hey, hey, hey! Happy Easter everyone! 🙂 If you missed our animated post this morning, click here.  Yup, our good friend My Eraser Is Gone helped us animate this post.  It was fun doing this.  I had no idea how hard animation is but Mikey (a.k.a. Mr. My Eraser is Gone) makes it look too

GG mr snooze 1foranimatedclip

After 3,000 years of sleeping…

  After 3,000 years of sleeping, the mummy bargains for 5 more minutes! 🙂 This cartoon was made back in the day when we were still experimenting with what we wanted the Googly Gooey to be. Then, we had a Googly Ninja (guguri ninja) and Mr. Snooze the sleepy mummy as one of the few

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