Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You

It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see companies add a layer of purpose or mission to their products. As a mom, I feel so grateful for brands like Tiny Buds for expressing genuine concern in instilling values for the kids of today. They go beyond their products, even to the point of creating a story book and thereafter an animation to teach the young ones the value of gratitude. These are pillars that need to be established early on.

Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You 3
Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You 4

You see, gratefulness is a lifelong value, not just for children but for adults too. In order to coarse through life smoothly during difficult times, we need an attitude of gratefulness even for the smallest of things, say the sun after a gloomy day or the security personnel who mans the condo lobby.

See Twiga’s world ? come to life and learn the magic word “thank you” in this animation:

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Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You 1
Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You 2

As a child, I’ve always wondered how animations and cartoons were made so we’d like to thank the Tiny Buds Team for the opportunity of illustrating Twiga’s world. Shoutout to Anthony Go aka the hubby for directing, Kata Alamon for giving Twiga a voice and Mikey Melendres for animating my drawings. ?

You can get a FREE mini copy of the book packed with the limited edition 600ml Tiny Buds Bottle Wash. Available first on and in Baby Company stores. Keep an eye out on the Tiny Buds Facebook and Instagram pages for more surprises!

How about you? How do you teach kids the value of gratitude?

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