Flowers for You!

Googly Gooeys Different Responses to "Flowers for You" "Flowers for You" The Economist: That's so expensive! We could have used the money for something else! The Environmentalist: Awww...Thanks but that's technically mass murder of flowers The Instagram Addict: Oooooh! So pretty! Let me Instagram this! The Sheltered Child: Achooo! I'm allergic! The Grateful One: Thank yoooooou! I feel so loved! :) The Cynical One: Flowers for you! :) What do you need this time?

Different Responses to Flowers for You!

Flowers for you!

While I was doing the first frame for this post, the idea for this entry just popped up out of nowhere & I had to type it down somewhere very quickly! The last time I heard Ponggo use the line “Flowers for you” was more than a decade ago.  He used to give me purple Tulips.  Well, I tried drawing purple tulips for this post but they just didn’t go with the background colors I wanted to use. (OC mode!)  He knew they were my favorite so he kept on buying them until he discovered that I didn’t put them in a vase.   I’d just leave them somewhere to wilt.  I didn’t even press them.  So Ponggo started to complain about how I didn’t take care of the flowers & told me we could just use the money for a nicer date somewhere. Haha.

The inspiration for “The Sheltered Child” is actually Ponggo.  Last weekend, we went out-of-town for some errands & to meet up with some friends.  I saw this spot: it was a blank lot with green grass against the blue skies & I asked him to drive towards that place.

Googly Gooeys Flowers for You (Instagram Supporting Photo)

Photo Taken with Instagram

Take note that we didn’t step out of the car.  We just rolled down one window so that we can take pictures & he started coughing & making these choking sounds.  He has pollen allergy so we had to leave right away.  The last frame’s mostly me.  I think all my happy sappiness & positive energy is captured by the colors that I choose for the cartoons I make, otherwise, my default mode is somewhere between cynical & doomsday scenario.  I always have questions like, “So, did they die?” or “What do they need this time?” Hehe.  Maybe I just got tired of having to deal with people who turn into the sweetest human beings in the world whenever they need something & go return to their old default selves when they don’t need anything from you anymore 😛

In the end, one question will always have looooots of answers and the answer will always reflect what the other person is trying to say or trying NOT to say 😉



Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section





Googly Gooeys Nuffnang X

Nuffnang X was launched today! 🙂 For me, it’s like the Instagram app but for all your favorite blogs.  If like me, you ever had thoughts like,

“Did Blogger A upload a new post?” or

“Shucks! I really love this blog. I hope I could bookmark it properly but I’m afraid I’ll forget about its existence forever” or

“I really want to find more (insert category here) blogs but I just don’t know where” or 

“I’m bored. I really hope I could just catch up on my favorite blogs on the go instead of being stuck with all these overused apps on my phone.”

then Nuffnang X is the answer for you! I actually downloaded it today and started following the blogs that I truly love.  I’m also lovin’ the fact that it’s now easier to comment on blogs & reply to blog comments because it’s as easy as sending SMS when you’re on the go.   Finally, I’m forever on the search for new design inspiration blogs.  I always do this by Instagram account hopping when I have the time.  Well, I don’t have to do this as often anymore because Nuffnang X made a blog directory of blogs per category per country 😉 How awesome is that?!

Download the Nuffnang X app on your phones now!

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