Plushie Keychains from the Googly Gooeys: The winners are…

Congratulations Googly Gooeys Plushie Keychain Winners Zoan reotita-Macalalad Abigail Change Sab Gomez

First of all, thank you to everyone who joined our Googly Gooeys Plushie Giveaway Promo.   Thank you too for all those generous amount of comments, tweets & likes.  It has been a very exciting one week!  Last night, while I was preparing the congratulatory graphics for the winners (with blanks for names of course!), I was actually so excited to find out who were going to win the next day to the point that I had to remind myself that I am not a contestant. LOL.

If your name is listed above, please provide a mailing address via so that we can mail out the Tipsy & Ponggo plushie keychains to ya 😉  Remember to take good care of our mini me’s 😀

You may still order your plushies through the same e-mail address: Each keychain is USD 7 or Php 250. Kindly include the city you’re from so that we can compute for the shipping fee. As we’re wrapping up the promo, we’re actually preparing some orders already so get your plushies now before we run out! 🙂


Tipsy & Ponggo ❤

P.S. More plushie posts here:
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Zoan Reotita
11 years ago

Thanks! 🙂

Mark Denver Talan
11 years ago

congrats winners! <3

Alexa Darvin
Alexa Darvin
11 years ago

How many plushies were there in the bag? I’m curious to know. 😀

Isabel Gomez
11 years ago

Omgsh thaaaaaaanks! I hope I’m not too late! I just went online today :-< But I emailed my mailing address already! 🙂

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