Perfect Reasons to Get Out of the City (Tagaytay, here we come!)

Googly Gooeys Perfect Reasons to Get Out of the City! Enjoy the Scenery "I must say this is way more instagrammable than your average meal!" Clear Your Mind & Find Yourself "I've flipped through all the pages. I can't seem to find myself here." "Pffft! That's not what they meant!" Get in Touch with Nature "Ummm...I'm officially in touch with nature." "Sigh. You're not supposed to pick the leaves!" Try the Local Food Breath some fresh air.

Perfect Reasons to Get Out of the City

I just really think that it’s apt that as we’re writing this post, we’re actually out of the city! Ponggo & I love going on road trips and travelling in general. If we have one go-to destination, that would be Tagaytay. We love the city so much that’s where we got married more than a year ago ❤ We often visit Tagaytay for different reasons:

Taal Lake, Tagaytay
1. Nature – Once in a while, Ponggo & I would wear our hiking shoes, pick a random volcano or mountain and go hiking with friends. We once conquered went up Taal volcano. What makes it different from your other hiking trips is that before you get to the volcano, you have to go on a boat ride. When you reach the summit, you have a view of the crater that has a lake inside it. That’s why it’s called a lake within a volcano within a lake! That’s geological inception for ya 😉 It’s a usual misconception that the mound of land separate from the bigger island is Taal. Google it and that’s what you’ll see. However, the crater is the one you’ll find in the middle of the bigger island. Try searching for “Taal Volcano top view” and you’ll get what we mean 😉

2. The Food – Say any of these magic words: Green At’s Bulalo (i.e. a local delicacy: bone marrow soup), Mushroom Burger (Yep, your burger patty is loaded with fresh mushrooms), or the mouthwatering steaks at Antonio’s, and we’ll be right with ya!

Antonio's Lamb Chops

3. Accessibility – Since it’s only 1.5 hours from Manila (and if Ponggo drives, it only takes an hour…Oh no!), it’s the first city we can think of going to when we need a quick getaway. We can easily plan our Tagaytay trips from a week before to a few hours before the actual trip. The key to this city is that there are actually a lot of access roads going there (not just the usual tourist-y route). We can easily think of 4 routes going in and out of Tagaytay and 2 more sub-routes just in case one it’s one of those weekends when everyone decides to go to Tagaytay. (That shows how much we love going there 😉 )

4. Activities – There’s actually so much that we can do there. Ponggo once invited me to go biking. An image of Zooey Deschanel from 500 days of Summer suddenly popped in my mind. I thought Ponggo was referring to riding on a vintage bike with a basket of flowers in front with me, wearing a dress against a picturesque view. But no, we went off-road biking which was mostly downhill. It was a good 21 kilometers worth of screaming, terror & fulfillment after it was all over! *I survived*

Ponggo also loves playing golf in Tagaytay (Sorry folks, I was only made for mini golf, not the real thing). It’s usually hard to wake him up so early in the morning but he will always wake up for golf.

With fresh air and the nice view, it’s also a good place to relax and let your fried brain recover from being battered by the stresses of the crowed city.

Sunset in Caleruega

5. Staying in Tagaytay – As we were shuttling back & forth Tagaytay, we actually realized that eventually, we’d love to have a spacious vacation home there in the future. We recently learned that a condo unit is being built by a very reputable group, Avida, a subsidiary of Ayala Land. They have a new development there which they call Asilo Tagaytay. It has a view of the majestic Taal volcano (Yep, that cute little volcano there) and is smack in the middle of Tagaytay, you will easily have access to all your favorite establishments.

avida 1 upload


avida 2

Being surrounded by nature effortlessly calms the nerves and we’d love to have a go-to place to our go-to city! 🙂 Check out Avida Land’s Website for more details 🙂 You may also contact Avida thru (+632) 848-5200.

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Fate Jane Nacario Cabag
11 years ago

Im inlove with mushroom burger and also Loumar’s buko tarts 🙂

Cym Marzan
11 years ago

The cartoon above made me laugh. If you bought a unit, lemme know how much. ;-P

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