Five Signs That You are Bitter & our ANC Shoptalk Interview

Googly Gooeys Five Signs That You're Bitter 1) You're incabale of being happy for other people. "Today's a happy day!" "Learn to savor that moment. It won't last that long." 2) Your tweets & status updates are oozing with bitterness. "Hmp. Fake happy people on my news feed as always." 3) You are living proof that misery loves company. "Today was just bad...really really bad..." "Nice to know that your life isn't too perfect!" 4) You don't know how to console other people. "Who knows? This change might actually be good!" "Noooo...Change is always bad." 5) Being bitter is effortless to you. "If I am what I eat, in my case, I'm sweet!" "You mean bitter...bitter sweet."


The Googlygooeys on ANC Shop Talk





Last V-day, our ANC Shoptalk interview was aired!  To those of you who missed it, here’s us in the flesh. These are days when as much as I would love to conveniently hide behind our three feet tall standees and let our characters represent us, we just can’t. But woohoo, thanks to the ANC Shoptalk family for inviting us once again to share what we love doing! 

For this segment, they wanted to invite couples in business. If you have taken a peek at our Instagram, you’re probably wondering what all these other artworks and photos are. Since last year, we’ve been taking our baby steps designing for and taking pictures of weddings under The Sago Project. This is a process we truly enjoyed when we were preparing our friends’ weddings and our own and we wanted to continue it long after we’re married.  This is what we’ve been busy with behind the scenes:

Branding Materials for R&N

 Branding Materials for Weddings & Pre-Nup Shoots ❤

Wedding Calendar

Above is one of the 12 pages for a hand drawn calendar for a thumb print guest book.

Illustrated Watercolor Wedding Invite : Acuatico Beach Wedding

Illustrated Wedding Invites

Pull in Case of Emergency Tissue Box

The bride requested for a tissue box similar to the one we had for our wedding. 🙂 I wanted tissue to design our tissue boxes for fun and my best friend suggested that I put “Pull in case of emergency” as a caption on it 🙂

For the rest of the photos, visit & our new Facebook page, The Sago Project.  Throw us an e-mail via for all your inquiries 😀 See you on our inbox!

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caroline albano
caroline albano
11 years ago

i always look forward to your post… i love your tshirts

Almas Fatima
11 years ago

So true

11 years ago

I love wedddings! I guess once you design your own wedding collateral, you will find that you would want to do more. That’s what happened to me! I specially loved the yellow, pink and gray you posted above. Delicious. 🙂

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