Free Printable: Easy Paper Crafts and Templates

1) Paper Trays

I’m really for all things bright, teal & geometric so this caught my eye. Haha. Also, I’ve been wanting to have my own geometric trays for years now so I was just super happy & I ended up downloading this from the Canon Creative Park!

Canon Paper Tray GGY 9576

2) Paper Rosettes

I initially printed this on thick paper only to find out I can just print it on a common bond paper (70gsm) so it’s easier to fold.  I would see this in craft books and instagram posts but made with actual ribbons and cloth so I was just too giddy to see this made with paper! 

Canon Christmas Templates3

3) Birthday Party Invites

As a parent of a baby boy, this caught my eye right away.  Time is precious so this is such a smart solution for parents like me who want to spend more time with their little ones!  No kids yet? Doncha worry. Canon has templates for birthday parties, weddings, seasons (e.g. Halloween / Christmas) and the like!  They even have photo booth props!

Canon Papercrafts Invite GGY 9593 2

4) Scrapbook Templates

I recently broke my phone and sorely reminded how important it is to have pictures printed.  After all, the photos that survived are from my physical albums rather than those stored in my social media sites or stored in my drives years ago.  

I just love these scrapbook templates and played with foam tapes too! 😀  I’m currently looking at albums where I can store all of Riley’s photos.

Canon Papercrafts Scrapbook Invite GGY 9590

5) Paper Mask

I just thought these are cute solutions to anyone who needs a costume.  This is just a fun sample from the Canon Creative Park Website.  You can even print out heads of animals & such!

Canon Paper Mask

6) Advent Boxes

Anne was telling me about how fun the concept of these boxes are!  You get to open a little box every single day with a little surprise in it!  OMG. I wish this was a tradition in our country.  Does anyone want to send me this for Christmas? I can give you my address. Lol.  

Canon Papercrafts Christmas House GGY 9613

Well, that’s just about it for the templates but here are more tips about printing & paper:

  1. GSM / Paper Thickness – Check what paper works for your printer & your papercraft project.  What does gsm stand for? It’s an acronym for grams per square meter.  The higher the number, the thicker the paper.  You will see it on the packaging. 🙂
  2. Paper Type – Read carefully if you paper is matte / glossy (shiny) on both sides or just one side so you will know where to print & you don’t end up wasting paper!  We do love matte paper for a lot of things but for photos albums, we like using glossy paper.  Then again, it’s all a matter of personal preference.
  3. Optimizing Your Printer’s Ink – There is such a thing called a ‘proofing phase’ where you do a test print before doing a large batch.  Optimize your printer’s ink & performance by indicating what kind of paper you’ll be using so your Canon printer will know how much ink it will consume. 
  4. Get the type of Printer that suits your needs!  – If you’re after printing very quickly but you’re not really printing as often, we say go for the Canon e470.  E stands for efficient by the way. 😀 But, if you’d like a printer that can help you save on cartridge purchases, go for the g series such as the g3000 we got to try in this blog post.  We were able to print 150 sets of kits for the workshop and we consumed only half of the bottle!  Well, that’s all for now!

‘Til the next set of printables!
Happy crafting!

The Googly Family

P.S. Check back again for more workshops from the Canon! We usually publish them on our front page and events page.P.P.S. Thank you so so much to those who attended our DIY Arts & Crafts session with Canon Printers in SM North Edsa last weekend!  See you guys again soon! 🙂

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