9 Books for Kids & Kids at Heart from the MIBF

I wasn’t really planning to create a post about Manila International Book Fair (MIBF).  To boot, I didn’t bring my camera as I usually would. I didn’t have planned shots in my mind. I didn’t brief my family that I will be covering the event. *Woops. Now you know what goes behind every blog post.* Haha. 😀  I’ve been wanting to go since it opened but I always feared that I might end up buying lots of design books.  It was the first time in such a long time that I was pretty scared of myself.  Last minute, I asked the hubby if we could go. Hahahahaha. I was just so curious.  I also realized I haven’t regretted going to any event lately.

When they announced that the MIBF was going to be bigger this year with an entire second floor dedicated to children’s books. I got excited! 😀
I’ve been wanting to buy Riley bilingual and books in Filipino–the mostly board books since he’s only 20 1/2 months old. 😀  Well, if you’re not a parent, these children’s books are actually look into some of these books.  We do have a lot of talented illustrators in the country.  Most of the books I bought were illustrated by fellow artists from Ilustrador ng Kabataan.   I am blogging about this because I’m their internal fan girl. Haha.

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The next time you ever visit a bookstore, I suggest you go to the local children’s books section.  The illustrations will blow your mind. 😉  So next time you’re reading a book to your son / daughter / niece / nephew / grandchild / random stranger, check out these titles and get inspired by the illustrations while treating someone to storytelling session. 😀


MIBF All Books White GGY 9488 1

Here’s our haul:

(And oh, thanks to Anne for suggesting that I do a haul post.  I may not have the courage to go in front of a camera yet and talk to you about these but meanwhile, enjoy!) 😀

MIBF Kayang kaya GGY 9493 1

  1. Kayang-Kaya 
    Story by: Alyssa Judith Reyes
    Papercut Illustrations by: Liza Flores
    Photos by: Jinggo Montenejo
    Published by: Save the Children & Adarna House
    It’s the book with shoelaces behind it!  The papercut illustrations by Ms. Liza of INK are adorable and the book talks about children independently doing tasks by themselves. 🙂  I bought this specifically because I want to teach Riley how to tie his laces without having to wash his hands again and again.  He keeps on touching the soles of his shoes.  I let him wear his shoes by himself when we’re going out.MIBF Dumaan si Butiki GGY 9492 1
    2.  Dumaan si Butiki
    Book by: Mary Gigi Constantino
    Illustrated by: Ray Sunga
    Published by: Save the Children & Adarna House
    I remember Ray posting this on his Facebook timeline a couple of years ago.  This is a book about directions in Filipino (e.g. kaliwa, kanan, taas, baba).  I do realize the benefits of reading & speaking in English but panicked for a bit while imagining the horrors of Riley & I getting tense in the future while preparing for his tests in Filipino (which is usually the easiest in our generation).  I’m accepting the fact that this is inevitable due to globalization.  I was able to talk to a bunch of guys during our vacation in Iceland and they said they were having the same dilemma too.  Then again, reading Filipino books & speaking to Riley in might just do the trick.

MIBF Kara at Play GGY 9490 2

3.  Kara at Play
Words by: Lara Saguisag
Illustrated by: Jamie Bauza
Published by: Adarna House
As soon as I opened the book I saw words like dancing, jumping, handstanding.  It was about an active little girl named Kara. I just realized how much Riley can relate to this. He loves to move all the time!  The book is also about the process of falling down, getting hurt & getting back up again.  And as you might have guessed, this is a recurring life theme. 😉

MIBF Kapitbahay Kubo GGY 9491 1

4. Kapitbahay Kubo
Papercut Illustrations by: Pergylene Acuña
Published by: Adarna House
I’ve been singing Bahay Kubo to Riley when trying to put him to sleep at night.  This was my favorite song in Grade 2.  We would even sing it with a second voice in music club. Haha.  Seriously though, I hope he gets to acquaint himself with veggies. 😀 This book has all the veggie names in Filipino and identify them in his meals too.  By the way, the book also has carrots & potatoes.  Have you noticed they’re not in the original song? Hehe. I just hope that someday Riley doesn’t fall asleep when they sing Bahay Kubo in school. 😀

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MIBF Kulay GGY 9497 1

5. Kulay!
Illustrations by Eli F. Camacho
Published by: Adarna House
Kulay is a bi-lingual book about colors featuring a carabao! Don’t get me wrong, we also have a lot of books published from outside the country.  However, I realized that Riley easily picks up whatever it is that he sees in real life so I got this book. 😀
MIBF The World Around Me GGY 9495 1

6. The World Around Me
Published by: Adarna House
This is another bi-lingual book has photos of every day objects in a typical Filipino home.  😀

MIBF Ang Una Kong Alpabeto GGY 9499 1

7. Ang Una Kong Alpabeto
Illustrated by: Borg Sinaban
Published by: Adarna House
It’s a Filipino alphabet book with illustrations of objects found in our country: walis (soft broom), isda (fish) & dahon (leaf) which also recognizes our ever-evolving language with words such as carrot, futbol & jaket!

MIBF Animal Games GGY 9503 1

8. Animal Games
Poem by: Lara Saguisag
Illustrations by: Aaron Asis
Published by: Anvil Children
Translation to Filipino by: Eugene Y. Evasco
The book contains a poem about the playfulness of kids and is meant for an exciting read out loud activity. 😀 The book has wonderful illustrations so I bought it even if it’s still for kids ages 6 and above. 😀

MIBF Ito Ang Diktadura GGY 9500 1

9. Ito Ang Diktadura
Idea & Story: Equipo PLantel
Illustrated by: Mikel Casal
Translated & Reprinted by: Adarna House
I was intending to go when this book was launched but I was chasing deadlines then. Huhu.  I saw this book online and I’m pretty happy this was translated & distributed by Adarna House.  ‘This is Dictatorship’ is a well-renowned book in Europe.  The illustrations are kid-friendly but the message is for a lifetime.  We can all really learn something from history.

Well, that’s just about our book haul!  We didn’t get to take lots of pictures but we also played with giant Lego, happy to have met friends as well as babies at the MIBF.  😀 The hubby was a happy kid inside while we were going robotics booth hopping.  It’s a really exciting venture too: kids getting into electronics, computer codes, physics, being creative with modules and entrepreneurship!  Well, should we ever get to the day that we start building robots, that will deserve a separate blog post! 😀

To anyone afraid of having kids (this is me talking to myself 5 years ago), it does take a lot of work but the real plus side is, you get to experience the world again through your child’s eyes and it’s wonderful! 😀  Okay, I’m not really out here to convince you to have kids, just a random thought while playing with sock puppet books, taking on different voices while forgetting that I’m in the middle of the crowd. Hehe.

Also, another random thought about the MIBF,

By the way, if you’re bringing your baby to the MIBF, they will exempt you from the long line at the entrance! *Yes!* 😀
Last but not the least, we were super happy to have met the 501st Legion!  We entered SMX, got called by the guard so we don’t have to line up, The Star Wars Soundtrack was playing in all of SMX and people were running to get photos of the Storm Troopers and the Star Wars gang! *Currently ducking because I know ‘Star Wars’ and ‘gang’ shouldn’t be in the same sentence*  These guys walked past us and most of them said hi to Riley! *Oh the benefits of holding a toddler in your arms.* 😀 

501st Brigade
Seriously though, it’s amazing what they’re doing.   The 501st Legion Philippine Garrison is making rounds in children’s hospitals (especially the critically ill) and working closely together with Make A Wish Foundation Philippines.   The 501st Legion is a group of Star Wars fans devoted to wearing Star Wars Costumes to raise funds for charities around the world. 🙂

You may also book them to your parties by visiting their Facebook page here!
Contact them via: command@pinoy501st.com or visit their website Pinoy501st.com.

I’m already at 1406 words (for an unplanned blog post).
Anyway, ’til the next book / Star Wars / art / kids’ event! 😀

Baby Kids Fair GGY 9505
Speaking of, there will be a  Into the Jungle Baby & Kids Fair from September 27-30, 11am-8pm.
This is a great time to buy stuff for kids or even for Christmas gifts! So many brands will be participating:
Mothercare (a good chunk of Riley’s baby clothes), Cath Kidston, Cotton On Kids, Baby Bench, Mustela,
Philips Avent (mostly Riley’s bottles), Pigeon (Riley’s very practical baby food maker), The Parenting Emporium
(for breast pumps), Tiny Buds (we love their bottle cleaner), V-tech & more!  Well, see you at the #BenchBabyFair
in a week’s time! 😀

That’s all for now! I have to cut this short as we’re going on a mini roadtrip in a bit. 😀


The Googly Family

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6 years ago

I love how the cover colors of those books perfectly fit the Googly “aesthetic”. Hihi. You know, these would be awesome gift suggestions come the holidays!

Cym Marzan
6 years ago

Nice books! They’re very colorful! I like the one with shoelaces because my boy also needs to learn how to tie his shoelaces.

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