How to Draw Dogs

Hello Guys! 🙂
How are you?
I’m writing this blog from a wake park with a view of the sunset from the mountains.
*Looks again.*
*Oh great. The sun has disappeared. Woops!*

I’m accompanying the hubby as he works. I did the drawings for these worksheets several weeks ago and I finished editing this on the highway on our way here.   A long time ago, I wished that I could work anywhere. I guess you could say that somehow, I got my wish. *Stares at laptop & mobile phone.*  Meanwhile, I’ve been addicted to making worksheets.  It allows me to breakdown my process and as requested, I’m sharing with you how you can draw dogs.  Well, this is just a few ways by which you can go about the process.  You can always change up the shapes.  The key is to train your eyes to draw what you see (without judgement).
Well, I won’t keep you long so you can start drawing!

How to Draw Dogs Free Drawing Worksheet Drawing Tutorial Step by Step
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By the way, see you at the following workshops! Save the date! We would love to see you so we can draw together. 😀
October 14, 11am-12nn Draw Your Favorite Star Wars Characters, Fully Booked BGC, First Come First Served
October 14, 4-5pm – Watercolor & Drawing Workshop, SM Stationery Art Fest Mall of Asia (Get a workshop slot for every Php 300 purchase of Faber-Castell Materials)
November 12, 1-5pm – Digitizing Workshop, Fully Booked BGC (Sign up here).

Stay tuned for more announcements!  Always check back on–our newly-designed homepage for the dates!  You may also check our events page & sign up sheet for regular workshops here. 😀

How to Draw Dogs Free Drawing Worksheet Drawing Tutorial Step by Step
Well, that’s just about it!
My family’s calling me.
We’re about to have dinner. 😀

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