At the Heart of Serendra

Last Valentine’s Day, we were tasked to paint a huge heart in the middle of Serendra.  Halfway through, here’s one of the sides with a bit of splatter.  It reminded me of the chocolate drizzle I would see on desserts.  To me, it looks like one giant candy heart. 🙂  You know what’s so awesome about this?  It has zero calories! Lol.

Serendra Heart
Thank you so much @PinoyScreencast for this video! 🙂 I’m so happy with the output.  I just saw a couple of cameras on tripods but I didn’t really notice how the whole thing was documented.

Before we did the huge version, we did 10 tiny ones foist. 🙂

Abstract Heart
I’m so happy to revisit this style again. The last time I did this was for Heima’s Oh Brighter Days Collection 🙂  Abstract art is always liberating for me as I get to focus on mixing colors & I’m free from the pressure of creating a figure.

Tiny Abstract HeartsFor the record, the hubby & I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day.  Back in college, we saw so many couples break up just because they can’t go out on their anniversaries properly due to long tests and other deadlines.  So, we decided that on special days, we will try not to pressure ourselves to make it perfect.  It’s just funny though that in the past few years, we’ve been getting assignments ON Valentine’s day: a trip to Boracay, a trip to New York and last weekend, a giant heart.

Pastel Outdoor PaintPeople have been asking if I actually plotted the design on paper first.  Well, I only have a palette and a set of rules to follow in terms of strokes & splatter.

For the palette, the challenging part is when you go medium hopping, not all the colors have an equivalent.  I’m so happy that most of the colors are the ones I like except the blue one above.

Abstract Background IMG_0755

Above is how my “scratch paper” at home looked like.  I would plan the color sequence on paper first before painting them on hearts.  The splatter are mostly accidental though. *Can you already imagine how much paint there was on my face, arms & legs while I was working on this?* 😀


Serendra Heart Work in ProgressHere’s a still from the video.  Yes, I paint with my mind & hand from a few meters away…NOT.  That was me planning the line placements.  It’s actually a silly gesture but it must be done (in public).  :D

Serendra Heart Work-in-ProgressI must admit: the task was daunting at first.  Three things that I was trying to come to terms with that day were:

(a) My inner child is happy!  I feel like I’ve been given a huge playground to work with! Colors. Oh all the colors!

(b) I’m 7 weeks postpartum.  I am a mom. OMG. *Okay, this is totally not related to the project but now at 8 weeks, I still tell myself this every single day. Haha.*

(c) I really hope none of the random people visiting the place would have paint on their outfit that day.  Well, thank you Serendra people for providing that huge tarp. *Whew!*

Pastel Latex PaintI was so used to being able to bring around a DSLR in all the art events I was actually torn if I should document what was happening or I should go on painting. Meantime, the phone camera would do. Hahaha.

Anyway, thank you so much Honeycomb Communities, Serendra and Ayala Malls for working with us on this project.  If you ever get to visit the heart this weekend, share your #lovemall experience, tag & follow @ILoveSerendra on Instagram.

Check out the rest of the hearts in different Ayala Malls by clicking on the following hashtags on Instagram: #LoveEmExpressions, #iLoveAyalaMalls & #LoveEmheARTS 🙂


Tipsy ♥

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P.S. The Watercolor Doodles workshop on February 21 is full.  We have last 2 slots for the March 6 workshop.  Click here to sign up or here for the course descriptions. 🙂


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Cym Marzan
8 years ago

Projects together (like this!) as husband and wife are what make you closer than just ordinary Valentine’s day celebrations, I believe. I can’t wait to see the heart in person! 🙂

8 years ago

Yay! Congrats! #proud #biased

Also, relationship goals ko pa din kayo. Har har!

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