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I miss being able to write my thoughts in long form & I’m posting this for all my friends in the medical field as well as everyone who can read this. Sending you lots of hugs. Nakuuuu, please don’t believe the people in the government who think that the medical field is not working hard enough:

1. They are trying to put the blame on others so that again, the spotlight will not be on them (as with all the other ridiculous, less important issues they are trying to raise). I’d like to think it’s a CYA strategy. I’ve seen this play out in teams and in various types of relationships.

2. They are trying to protect their votes and pacify the masses. They are really scared deep within that the people (even their loyal and blind followers) are on the verge of discovering the truth. Their own careers and their entire families’ political careers are at stake.

3. They have nothing left to say and they are desperate.

4. How about the people angry at those in the medical field? They are angry at how the government dealt with this pandemic but (please see #1). That’s why all the anger is directed to you guys.

I know how much you guys have sacrificed from the sleepless nights when you were still studying 😦 (to complete your required hours).

I’ve seen from the several times my relatives have been hospitalized how much effort you exert for multiple patients at a time (not even in a pandemic).

The comments were political, not personal. But I know, it still hurts. It’s not you. It’s them. 😢 Sending you lots of hugs 🍃🌿.

Meanwhile, more than ever, the truth of the pandemic is that we are all inter-connected. Whatever we do, whatever our political stands are, more than ever, we can see the effects of our collective actions directly or indirectly. The anti-terror bill has been implemented but true terror really lies in seeing yourself and your family go hungry because you can no longer provide for them or when your loved ones pass away because the medical system is loaded or that this pandemic has been mismanaged by our leaders.

True terror lies in not knowing whether you still have a job to return to with flip-flopping policies and decisions. True terror lies in seeing that public transportation has been halted while a lot of families depend on it, seeing people walk & bike to their workplaces to provide for their families but at the same time knowing that it will stop the spread of the virus.

People can always laugh and rejoice at the downfall of others but as more and more (big & little) companies close and go bankrupt, more and more families that are directly or indirectly serving that industry will go hungry. (Even schools are closing!) Also, it’s not just hunger. It’s the emotional, psychological toll on ALL of us. Our economy and health as a nation doesn’t really depend on a tiny fraction of people. As you can see, it depends on ALL of us. Who will have the capacity to buy from other people when there are no longer jobs & how will companies hire if there are no customers? Who will have the capacity to pay taxes when establishments are dying? Just like all the organs in our body, everything is related. Waking up to news that other countries have already resolved the pandemic and we still haven’t feels like being that team in a team-building activity that still hasn’t solved the puzzle after all the others victoriously have solved the mystery. We can only move forward as a team.

Again, whether we like it or not, we are all interconnected. Behind every clamor to be heard from every sector is bigger story that didn’t just start last March 7 but generations and generations of the politics that we have tolerated as a nation. I’m writing not just for you but as an ultimate to reminder to myself! Perhaps the bitter truth or the glimmer of hope in all this chaos it that with this we are able to thresh everything out so we can put back the pieces together again.

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