The Googly studio/house has started to look like a pre-school recently with Riley homeschooling but then again, it’s somewhat always looked like a happy (adult version) nursery! Aside from bright colors, we have a collection of illustrated children’s books (that Riley can borrow *laughs*). Kidding aside, we’ve made quite a number of homeschooling resources and printables for personal use which we’ve decided to share on the blog too. Today, here’s a Filipino syllables dice printable that’s educational but also looks like a shoot prop. *winks*

Tools and Materials
  • bondpaper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue/tape
Free Printable: Filipino Syllables Dice

Step 1: Download the Filipino syllables dice template. Link below. One page makes one dice. There are a total of eighteen pages.

Step 2: Print and cut out the white area/negative space.

Step 3: Fold each square and grey flap inwards.

Step 4: Assemble your dice by gluing the grey flaps to the sides to form a dice or box.

You can use the dice to introduce letters and syllables to the little ones. Feel free to make duplicate ones too to create or spell out words by putting one dice next to another! We also included a dice for numbers and counting which you can all download below.

This printable dice template is actually a 3D version of the Filipino Syllable Prints we shared before which you can also download for free! We’ve also previously shared an English-Filipino/Cebuano flash cards set and DIY Crayon Sleeve: Filipino Colors. Feel free to check them out as well.

If you decide to make this DIY Filipino Syllables Dice, feel free to show us! We’d love to see what you make. You can find and tag us on our various social channels: FacebookYoutubeTwitter and Instagram. Looking for more arts and crafts ideas and free homeschooling printables? Check out our other blog posts for more printables and homeschooling resources.

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