DIY Colorful Polish Chandelier

A pack of yarn and beads can go a long way. Case in point,  this DIY Polish chandelier! We thought it would be perfect for the Googly Gooeys studio and pretty much anywhere that needs a pop of color! Of course, you can always swap the palette based on your preferences but we were going for a rainbow vibe hence this explosion of bright hues! Scroll down to see how we made it.

DIY Polish Chandelier 13

Tools and Materials
  • beads (3 sizes)
  • felt
  • yarn
  • pompoms
  • needle
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • popsicle sticks or embroidery hoop
  • pompom maker (optional)

No pompom maker? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make it from scratch.

DIY Polish Chandelier 4
DIY Polish Chandelier 5

Step 1: Create seven large pompoms using your yarn of choice. We used our pompom makers here but you can totally do this from scratch using your hands or a piece of cardboard. Check out this tutorial to make one from scratch but replace the fork as a template with a 3×3 inch piece of cardboard to get larger pompoms.

DIY Polish Chandelier 6

Step 2: Using a coin, trace and cut circles on a piece of felt. For our Polish chandelier, we used a total of 90 felt circles but feel free to tweak the bead-pompom-felt pattern to your liking.

DIY Polish Chandelier 7

Step 3: Create your base. We used popsicles and glue gun here to create the wooden hexagon base where all the strings are attached to. You may also opt for an embroidery hoop instead if you prefer a circle base or you want to skip this step.

DIY Polish Chandelier 2
DIY Polish Chandelier 3

Step 4: Time to thread everything together! Our Polish chandelier is composed of a total of 18 stringed beads broken down as follows with their respective bead-felt-pompom pattern. We’ll try to explain the pattern using these symbols: 10 large beads (—), 10 small beads (-), 1 medium bead (m) ,1 felt circle (o).

  • 6 long strings – These connect the top from where you can hang your chandelier to the base. They essentially hold the project together for hanging.


  • 6 medium strings – These connect one point/side of the hexagon base to the next. This is more for decorative purposes.


  • 6 short strings – These dangle from the base and are likewise decorative. This is optional but we also added tiny pompoms to the ends of these pieces.


Tip: Make sure to leave a long piece of the yarn on both ends of your strings so it would be easier to tie them all together later.

DIY Polish Chandelier 11
DIY Polish Chandelier 10

Step 5: Attach one end of the small string to the base with the other end (the one with the tiny pompoms) left to dangle. Do this for all 6 corners of the hexagon base.

Step 6: Attach the medium strings to the base. One end on one corner and the other end on the next joint. These will look like wide letter U’s when done.

Step 7: Attach one end of the long string to the base making sure that you do this opposite to the small strings earlier. Do this for all 6 corners of the hexagon base. Knot all 6 of the loose ends together. Create a loop for hanging and add 1 large pompom with a glue gun to hide the knot.

Here’s a close up for reference:

DIY Polish Chandelier 12

Step 8: Add one large pompom on each corner/joint of the base using a glue gun, cut any excess yarns and tada! We’ve got a DIY Polish chandelier! Remember that you can always change up the colors and the bead patterns to fit your space and preferences. We hope you enjoyed today’s crafting project!

DIY Polish Chandelier 14

Here’s a little eye candy video featuring these colorful beads and our completed Polish Chandelier. Hit play and enjoy!

Where to Get Arts & Crafts Supplies
DIY Polish Chandelier 15

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If you decide to create this DIY Polish chandelier too, feel free to show us! We’d love to see what you make. You can find and tag us on our various social channels: FacebookYoutubeTwitter and Instagram. Looking for more colorful activities? Check out our other crafting projects here.

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