My Instagram Account is Taking on a Different Life

Instagram: googlygooeys

My Instagram account is probably the most different among all the social networking accounts we have.  While Googly Gooeys on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr contain comics or links to it, the Instagram account has more personal pics than our regular digital illustrations.  I guess, it’s taking on a different life.

Collage1 Colorful Stuff on My Instagram Colorful Straws, Watercolor Painting, Chalks & Popsicle Sticks

When I was in grade school, the color scheme I knew involved all colors of the rainbow.  I always felt that if my artwork wasn’t colorful, it wasn’t complete.  Well, after n years (don’t even ask for the value of n), it still hasn’t changed.  I don’t know what is it with colors that makes me happy.   Part of me finds comfort in the fact that the love for colors is something that cannot be bought or sold.

Googly Gooeys Instagram Collage Pink Stuff Pastel Washi Tapes, Book, Tipsy & the Oh Hi Heima Bag

People always assume that I love pink just because Tipsy is pink.  Haha!  Not necessarily.  As I’ve said, I just love all colors.  I love girly stuff though: dresses and all those vintage countryside Tumblr photos.  Hehe.  The truth is, the Googly Gooeys were originally in different colors but through time, Ponggo & I just figured out we had to trim it down to two characters.  For some reason, the blue & pink character seemed to have the most distinct personality & they’re easiest to match with the background colors I like.  It saddens me sometimes that Ponggo is blue and Tipsy is pink.  I honestly think it’s a crude representation of girls & boys.  Ponggo has a couple of pink tops & loves his pink laces on his ice hockey skates.

Googly Gooeys on Instagram White Polka Dotted Umbrella, Ombre Nails, White Cut outs & Things Organized Neatly

If you find that I have a lot of stuff organized neatly in photos, that’s because I love this blog called Things Organized Neatly and I don’t know how many times I’ve tweeted Austin, the blog owner about how much I adore his tumblelog. 🙂  If you also find a lot of watercolor experiments, that’s because I just discovered how to actually use the medium through Valerie Chua‘s workshop.  I just realized that I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.  The key to watercolor is ummmm…more WATER!  Hahahaha.  Anyway, these days, it’s my form of relaxation as I try to take my mind off work and the Googly Gooeys.

Collage 4 Things Organized Neatly in Green Yellow Blue & OrangeFinally, I’ll leave you with this set.  One day, while I was fixing our place, I realized we had a lot of colorful stuff here as well so I took a detour from the usual house chores & gathered all the items one at a time.  :)


Tipsy 🙂

P.S. I’m “googlygooeys” on Instagram while Ponggo made an account just recently under the name of “ponggo_googlygooeys” 🙂 See you on Instagram! :))

P.P.S. Here’s the Signs That You’re Addicted to Instagram comic just in case you missed it!



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