How People Bond These Days

Googly Gooeys How People Bond These Days 1) No one's looking at each other 2) There are moments of silence 3) At least one person is in charge of documenting the moment via instagram, twitter, facebook etc. 4) They're interacting more with people online than in real life. 5) Eyes on their gadgets

Just look at how people bond these days!

Well, this is how people bond these days. Yes, I actually thought that one day, I will eventually run out of comics about the internet.  Well, they’re all mostly here.  There are tons about social networking: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, chat conversations, internet connection, wi-fi signal…I could go on and on and on.

Just this weekend, Ponggo & I were having dinner with my parents and sister.  It was supposed to be some bonding night with the family but no ho ho ho ho ho (I don’t know why I always love inserting “ho ho ho” when I can..Hehe) when the food disappeared and while we were waiting for the bill, everyone was busy tinkering with their phones: I was trying to figure out the best angle for my Instagram entry and members of my family were busy checking sports sites, deviant art and YouTube.

Earlier this month, as I was driving, I saw this billboard that featured a family going online together.  The selling point of the ad was if a family goes online together, they’ll stay together.  Upon looking at the ad, I laughed to myself and mocked it even saying, “Is this what they’re trying to sell these days?” Well, weeks later, I look at my family & it’s horribly true.  Hahaha.


Tipsy 🙂

P.S. This one’s one of our favorites & it still continues to earn notes on our old Tumblr site 🙂

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