Instagram Pet Peeves & the Inquirer Super Feature

Googly Gooeys Instagram Pet Peeves

Last week, we were asked by Inquirer Super about our Instagram Pet Peeves.  Sometimes, I actually like to call them Instagram sins 🙂

1. Flooding – 5 posts about the same thing in one go?  Seriously?  This isn’t a Facebook album you know 😉

2. The Selfie – Well, the selfie is a larger issue altogether—it actually deserves its own post!

3. Excessive Hashtagging – I can’t really point fingers  at people who use hashtags.  If you check my Instagram account now, you’ll see hashtags too!  Haha. I am aware of purists who don’t use any hashtags—they’re like the vegans of Instagram.  Then, at the other extreme end, #CanITellYou that I try not to use them #in #every #word #of #the #sentence #like #it #will #really #change the fate of the photo? 😛

4. Spamming – Mostly done by online shops.  Everytime there’s a popular post, after a stream of “Wow!” “Beautiful!”, you’ll find a random “CUTE IPHONE CASES HERE!”. Hahahaha. Sometimes, you’ll also see endless #r4r & #l4l which means recents for recents & like for like.

5. Youtube-ing – Well, it’s not on the original list but this is committed by those who choose to treat Instagram like YouTube where they all fight about their opinions.  After a looooong day at work, it’s actually amusing to see how passionate these people about it–instant source of entertainment.  It’s almost like they get a kick out of it.

And oh, more evil forms are produced when you combine two sins! For example:

Flooding + Selfie = Self-absorbed stream (Unfollowing optional, reasonable & justifiable)

I could actually go on all day about this topic! You’ll have to see me in person if you want to discuss this topic further. 🙂

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Googly Gooeys Inquirer Super

Thanks again Tatin Yang & Inquirer Super for the feature! 🙂 This is our first time to appear on a local newspaper so we’re really excited, grateful & shocked to have received an e-mail about the interview.  If you missed last Saturday’s paper, you can still read a snippet here.

Googly Gooeys on Inquirer Super

P.S. If you’d like to be featured on Inquirer, follow & tag your best photos with @inquirersuper. Who knows, you might just make it to their next Instagram gallery feature! 🙂


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10 years ago

If you have whatsapp, I’ll post something that will leave you in stitches. *wink wink* Great article, btw! I do hope, selfie addicts and attention whores will read this.

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