I Swear Underwear : The Minions x All-4-1 Mashup

This is a story about love and the art of letting go…
I Swear Underwear Minions x All-4-1 Mashup
Ponggo & I were analyzing. The appeal of the movie Despicable Me 2 probably lies in the fact that the visuals appeal to the kids (and kids at heart *like us*) while the humor & joke references appeal to adults.

This song, the I Swear Underwear Mashup hasn’t left my mind since I watched the movie. I always giggle (well, more of guffaw actually) when they say, “Te amo underwear” at the end of the song. I thought it deserved its own blog post. I know for a fact that minions don’t speak in English and that the whole song is in a totally different language. But, just for the heck of it, I was just thinking, what message would “I Swear” bring if you replaced the song title with “Underwear” and the rest is in English?

If this is your first time to see illustrated lyrics on the Googly Gooeys, this is something that we publish from time to time 😉 It’s like interpretative dancing with colors & lines 😉

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Current LSS: Call Me Maybe

Googly Gooeys Bono Gelato

A belated Happy Birthday to my Lola (Grandma) who just celebrated her 85th birthday.  Thanks to her love for majong, her eyesight & sense of hearing are still really good!  We actually all laugh when people talk to her as if she can’t hear anything.  I ordered this cake from none other than The Bunny Baker who was also one of our collaborators during the recent blog giveaway 🙂  I’ve been wanting to order a custom cake for years now & I’m happy I finally did!  We even took pictures of my Lola holding her tiny edible figurine–how meta! 🙂 Haha.  Our whooooole family–emphasis on the oooo because Lola has 9 kids–wore red.  We were an amusing sea of crimson at the hotel lobby.  Anyway, ordering the cake was worth it.  Everyone took endless food porn pictures and had a piece of the tiny fondant majong pieces! 🙂
01 Lola Ming's Cake (blog)

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Karen Gaceja
Karen Gaceja
10 years ago

Super cutie cake for Lola Ming 🙂 and I really like your illustrated lyrics. Hope to see more of it soon.

HAHAHAHA. Until now, I still sing that song.

“lecoli etu. nakere ni tu.. lea lori tu neka tore la la.. underwear

nah tu..lea loti underwear”

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