Ponggo’s Burp Day & The Tatt Awards 2013

It’s Ponggo’s burp day today! Yes, our birthdays are just a few days apart 🙂 For Ponggo’s birthday, I made some miniature piñata 🙂 I’ve always admired people who can make life size ones.  I can just imagine the patience required to finish large pieces.  Here, the letter V definitely needs some hair brush while the letter T looks as if it has a flowy skirt.

Happy Birthday Ponggo + VOTE for the Googly Gooeys

Yup, the pinata says, VOTE!  For his birthday, all that Ponggo’s asking is for you to VOTE the Googly Gooeys as the Instagram Phenom of the Year on Tatt Awards 2013 😀  To give you a bit of background, we’re sharing with you some photos from the Finalist’s Night which was held at the Cabana Club, Newport Mall, Resorts Wold Manila.

Globe Tatt Awards Republic


Coming into the event, we didn’t know what to expect.  We just got an e-mail that said, “Hey Ponggo and Tipsy, Tattoo’s got AWESOME news for YOU!”  It ended with “We request, however, that you keep this awesome news to yourself until the said date.”  Everything was just a Tweet and post away and we were excited but of course none of us posted anything so we didn’t know who actually made it to the list 🙂

Jeff, Jinoe, Abby, Trixie & Ponggo

We were happy to see Jeff Lo of PinoyFitness.com, Takbo.ph plus Abby Castelo & Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang Philippines.

Noelle de Guzman of Kikay Runner, Tippy Go of the Googly Gooeys & Jackie Go

We were asked to write some stuff on paper.  Here with me are fellow finalists and pretty girls at that, fitness blogger Noelle de Guzman of Kikay Runner & style blogger Jackie Go GoJackieGo.com.  All the nominees were asked to go onstage and it was funny that I had butterflies in my tummy at that time.  I just didn’t want to fall or trip in front of so many people! Ha!   Here’s the video of how the Tatt Council evaluated the initial nominees to finally come up with finalists 🙂

..and here are the rest of the nominees for the Instagram Phenom of the Year Category!

We didn’t actually expect to make it as a finalist because we know there are a looooot of Instagrammers out there but just the same, we’re super grateful for this opportunity ❤

Tatt Awards Ponggo & Tipsy

Anyhooz, again, happy burp day Ponggo! 🙂 We’re heading to Ocean Park in a bit.  Yup, the little kid inside a grown man’s body is choosing to celebrate his birthday at a Theme Park! 😛

Tatt Awards Confetti

Finally, here’s the confetti from the Finalist’s Night that inspired the piñata. ❤Happy Birhtday Ponggo: Party Over

 So, don’t forget to VOTE the Googly Gooeys for Instagram Phenom of the Year, here.

Tatt Awards Logo_Final (reduced)

What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW! 🙂
Remember, you can VOTE every hour!

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10 years ago

Happy birthday Ponggo, and goodluck with the Tatt awards!

10 years ago

CoOol! so u ppl get to have cakes and eat it too…more often than usual .

A very happy birthday to ponggo :))

10 years ago

Hello!I love u guys!I had a name tag with the googly gooeys but i lost it!

10 years ago

Oh i forgot is there other shops who sell the plushies?

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