Make Things Happen

It’s the end of the year and I know a lot of you must be working on a new set of resolutions, some plans on what you will do for 2015 and how to make them happen.
I already told myself that I’ll try not to blog about anything else until I finish all my travel posts but I can’t just let this one pass.  I just think the timing is apt and what I’ve learned from the Hey Kessy x Abbey Sy’s Washi Tape launch are just too precious not to share right away!

Googly Gooeys Make Things Happen
Well, when you actually make things happen, you’re ideally supposed to go from step 1 to 5 without any hesitation.  But, of course, we very well know that it’s not that easy.  As you can see, steps 2, 3 & 4 has something to do with battling your ultimate enemy–yourself.
Ceramic Painting
Well, those bowls are the my final output but let’s backtrack a bit on what happened during the Craft Gathering at the Hey Kessy Studio, shall we? 🙂
Abbey Sy Mansy Abesamis Hey Kessy ABC Washi Tape Launch
Mansy Abesasmis of Hey Kessy & Abbey Sy had a mini talk before we all started getting messy with our table.  Mansy started her washi tape business just a few years ago.  That time, they were selling their items in bazaars.  Now, she has a studio and shop in Katipunan.
06 Abbey Sy Washi Tapes IMG_8408
Above: Washi Tapes Designed by Hey Kessy & Abbey Sy with tiny messages to help us get through our hectic days. 🙂 Check out #HeyKessyXABC on Instagram to see more photos from the event. 
Abbey Sy also shared how she would wake up one hour earlier to paint before she leaves for her day job.  *Shame on me for bargaining with my alarm clock every single morning and waiting for the very last minute to open my eyes!*  She also told us the importance of focusing on progression, not perfection.  A couple of weeks ago, I think I had the most OC-iest batch of workshop participants.  They were all afraid of making a mistake and they would wipe off even the tiniest bit of paint that went outside the line.  I think this is a good reminder.  Things don’t happen overnight and whatever you see that is done quickly has been practiced for hours and hours over the years!
Abbey also revealed that she would sometimes have doubts about her work. I literally said, “What!?!?” because I always thought I was the only one.  I know better next time not to give live and loud reactions while someone is talking. *Woops!*  Well, I also have my fair share of doubts to the point that I always tell the illustrators over at Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK) while looking at their awesome detailed works, “Guys, I don’t know why you accepted my application!”.  I also find it a bit of a struggle to introduce myself as an “artist” or “photographer”.  I just always say, “I design, I love colors & I love taking pictures”.  *But, don’t follow me. I’m not a good example. Hehe.*
Anyway, thanks Abbey!  So many insights for such a young lady. *Did I just reveal my age again?*  Well, It’s always refreshing to hear people talk about the story behind their craft.
Hey Kessy Abbey Sy Washi Tape Launch
So, after that, we started opening our kits to work on two activities.  The first one is painting on ceramics.
Frances Alvarez Ceramic Painting
Here’s the work of my seatmate & fellow INKie, Fran Alvarez.  Since I can’t think of a proper design and I wanted to move away from my usual doodles and dry brush patterns, I was teasing her, “Can we just pretend our works were from the same collection?” while looking at those cutesy plants.
08 Names Tags & Washi Tapes IMG_8412
Flamingo Cup
Everyone was almost done with their first project and here I was still busy mixing colors.  That always happens during events like these.  I take too much time to prepare my palette or I just stare at my the colors and that already makes me happy.
Shrink Art Sample
Macy of CandyMagDotCom was already done with the other activity, shrink art.  Here I was starting to paint random shapes and lines on my bowl.
Shrink Art Hey Kessy
To give you an idea, here are samples of the shrink art that Mansy has done.  I wasn’t able to do mine because I was so busy pouring colors and partly panicking, “Wait!  My head hurts from the paradigm shift from ceramic paint to markers”.  I love markers and if you just go back to the Googly comic and stare at every letter, you will discover that they were written using those.
I was still thinking of what I’m supposed to draw.  I’ve been fighting my doodling style in the hopes of coming more detailed and it seems that the more I forced myself towards realism, the more I’m drawn to the other end of the spectrum–abstract art.
I mean, I’m just happy this process allows me to express my emotions with the use of colors & form alone and I don’t have to nag myself in the process with lines like,
“You’re supposed to draw this way.”
“You’re supposed to write this way.”
“You’re supposed to use watercolor this way.”
I finally took Fran’s advice to focus on spontaneity, followed my heart, and just poured paint.
12 Paint on Glass IMG_8388 copy
I think I might have fallen in love with the consistency of ceramic paint.  You see, it’s not too fluid like watercolor, it’s forgiving and you can erase it unlike ink, it’s not too stubborn like acrylic and, without adding anything, it actually flows straight from the packaging!  It’s like, I finally found THE ONE!  Lol.  I’m in love and I’m officially daydreaming about spending more days with these bottles.  Hahahaha.  When I went around the FAME exhibit last year, I asked a couple of ceramics suppliers and explored whether it was possible to have a Googly ceramic series but I still wasn’t sold on the idea.  Now I think I finally know what to do!

Zig Markers Hey KessyIn essence, we were all placed out of our comfort zones that morning and we were “forced” to make things happen! 🙂

People don’t usually act on a plan in the fear that fate might reject them. But, the beauty in going for something is that you eventually find out what could have been instead of wondering what you’re missing out on for the rest of eternity.  If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, I guess the same applies to love and to everything else in life. 😉
Hey Kessy Washi Tape Launch Group Picture
I looked at all the faces in the room and realized that I actually met everyone online.  During the advent of the internet, there was so much fear that everyone would be disconnected and here we are, a bunch of kindred souls gathered thanks to the www!
11 Mansy Papercut Jewelry IMG_8397 copy

Before I end this post, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Mansy’s pendant is patterned after her papercut work.  Wow! Talk about making things happen.

Thanks for staying with me until the end of this post & don’t forget to get your #HeyKessyXABC washi tapes here! 🙂

Thank you Mansy & Abbey for the refreshing morning!!  Just what I needed before diving into the hectic Christmas schedule!  See you guys again soon!


P.S. This just in: the next workshop at the Hey Kessy Studio will be on February 7, 2015 from 1-5pm.  If you’d like to join or be informed about future workshop schedules, fill up the form here.


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9 years ago

Thank you for coming, Tippy! Actually nagulat ako when you said “What?!” Hahaha but it’s fine. Looking forward to have brunch with you next week!

joanna santillan
9 years ago

Hi Tippy!

I just want to ask where can I buy ceramic paint? 🙂 I finally decided what to give my loved ones for Christmas and your ceramic bowl art gave me an idea :). I’ll do personalised mugs! Abstract stuff, like your bowl 🙂


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