Magnum Manila SM Aura + Do Not Take a Selfie While Running

We’ve been talking about selfies for a while now and I still find myself getting irked when I see faces of uber-self loving people (the same kind who professes love for themselves daily–or even thrice a day) especially when I’m just two inches away from my phone.

I just found out from fellow blogger Jinoe Gavan of that apparently, runners have this habit of taking selfies while they’re on the track.  I thought gym selfies were quite the trend…but this is a whole new level of selfie!  Well, do not take a selfie while running & here are some reasons why:

Why You Shouldn't Take a Selfie While Running

So, remember, don’t take a selfie while running unless you want to hit a tree, get your mobile phone stolen or get distracted by your own looks.  I personally imagine myself accidentally throwing away my phone instead of my water cup & getting lost in the race route! 🙂

Anyway, thank you so so so much to Jinoe for inviting us to collaborate with on this running April Fool’s Post 🙂 Don’t forget to check out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for up-to-date info on all those races, running tips and photos! 🙂


Meanwhile Magnum Section

We were so excited when we first received the news that we will be able to take a peek at Magnum’s new store in the Philippines!  Yup, it’s not just about that Magnum Ice Cream bar but they’re opening a Magnum Café for a year officially dubbed as the Magnum Manila at the SkyPark in SM Aura Premier!  How exciting is this?

Acutally, that night, I was this giddy kid who felt like she was going on a field trip to ice cream land.  I was excited to make my own Magnum bar!  I was busy clicking the night away because I wanted to share with you this awesome experience.

Clockwise: My Magnum being drizzled with golden nuggets, chocolate balls, pistachio & roasted almonds, The finished product with the signature Magnum M, Ponggo’s golden Magnum bar with lots of Chilli Flakes & Choco chip cookies being drizzled with white chocolate and finally, my chocolate Magnum bar freshly dipped in a pool of dark chocolate! ❤

C Magnum Process2

Above: Can you already tell I stayed too long in the make-your-own Magnum bar area? Hehehe. So first, they ask you what toppings you’d like to go with your Magnum bar, they shake, shake, shake the ingredients then dip in your preferred bar in a pool of white, gold, milk or dark chocolate! I swear, I’d love to have something like this at home. ❤

Above: Magnum Manila SM Aura also offers regular meals and sumptuous desserts just like this too-pretty-to-eat strawberry & cheesecake!


So many pretty yummy desserts.  I didn’t actually know which one was happier: my eyes, my heart or my tummy! :)E Magnum Cookie Dough

Above: Ponggo & I agree this one’s our favorite.  Just imagine: a freshly baked giant crunchy yet soft cookie with a magnum bar on top! B Magnum Sticks

Finally, when you enter the Magnum Manila Cafe, you will be greeted by a huge M made of  Magnum sticks–so creative!

Well, hope you’re excited as much as we are!  Magnum Manila at the Skypark SM Aura Premier opens on April 8, 2014! 🙂 Don’t forget to share this post with your fellow chocolate & ice cream loving friends as well as those who are in the gym or who are busy dieting 😉

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Lady In Pink
Lady In Pink
10 years ago

Can’t wait for it to open. I’m so excited already 🙂

10 years ago

Ahhh! Ice cream and dessert! /)*Q*(

MrsMartinez | xoxoMrsMartinez.
10 years ago

I love the soft cookie!


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