April Fool’s Roundup

I actually enjoy practical jokes.  One of my favorites is photocopying yearbook pages from our college archives.  Once I did it to my corporate bosses & officemates (I don’t know why I did that & didn’t even think about it affecting my yearly evaluation) and then at another time, we did it for the magazine of our organization back in college–with permission from teachers of course did not make it so much of a practical joke 😛

Anyway, I’d just like to thank everyone for playing along & being pseudo-dramatic (or hopefully really being gullible) about our April Fool’s Black & White website joke.  Here’s an April Fool’s roundup. To those who missed it, this is how the website looked like:

Googly Gooeys in Black & White

Thanks to our webmaster for figuring out some CSS trick that makes this black & white in a jiffy! 🙂 I almost thought it was impossible to pull off this trick.  I really thought we had to change our header, footer, side bar & preview images and change it back again to normal when the day ends. *Whew!*

Twitter April Fool's Black & White Prank

Yup, that’s our Twitter Page and as you can see, I was lazy enough to change the purple text to black or gray. *Please forgive me.*

Black & White April Fool's Prank Facebook

This is our usually quiet Facebook Page (no thanks to the fact that the its new algorithm will only show your posts to your followers if you pay loads of moolah). *Le sigh*   But, but, today, it was surprisingly aliiiive thanks to this April Fool’s stint. *Whew!*

Black & White Instagram
Above: My Instagram account looked like.  I had to add “Tipsy, no longer the color addict on my profile”. I ended up posting a total of 5 photos in 24 hours just to make it seem legit.  I usually post 1-2 photos a night.

I also have a bunch of confessions to make:

1) I was chasing a deadline so it was challenging to cover all the  “This is an April Fool’s joke, right?” comments on Instagram. I had to reply as quickly as I can so that the comments won’t be seen just to make the post more believable.

2) I actually did this Why We Love Black and White post in color before converting it to a grayscale JPG because it was honestly a sad process. Haha. I can’t turn away from colors, my second love–the first being chocolates. *Sorry Ponggo, you’re taking the third spot* 😉

So, I wrote “Aside from the new color scheme of our site, please take note that from now on, I will no longer be accepting photography & design jobs in color. Thank you for understanding.”

Here are screen shots of your most entertaining comments. Thank you so much for making our day 🙂

April Fool's Instagram Comments

Lol on @airees21’s comment.  She said she pretty much spent the whole afternoon thinking about whether or not this was for real. I really think that for a supposed light-hearted blog, we sounded a bit serious on this one. 😀

Facebook Comments about April Fool's

Finally, I’m just relieved that no one was literally killed or hurt when these jokes were made or read on Twitter :’D

April Fool's Twitter Jokes

Looking forward to the next April Fool’s Day!  Don’t you just wish we had April Fool’s every month? Okay. I’m having too much fun. Sorry.

Tipsy ❤

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