What the Little Prince Said + Muji Yourself at Muji Central

April 6 was marked the 71st anniversary of the Little Prince & where was I? Trying to attend to my crazy busy schedule (and finding some me time in between).  Gahh..So here’s my mega late submission to the Thinkie Tank.  Well, okay. I didn’t submit this anymore but I’ve been planning to make one since this tweet.
What the Little Prince Said

Actually, I’ve been reflecting about this quote quite a lot lately (mostly when I’m stuck in traffic or when I’m in the bathroom *TMI!*).  Sometimes I don’t know if I actually need everything I have or I need to do whatever I’m actually doing–and for what?   You know that awkward moment when you suddenly question your existence & purpose in life?   I get that a lot.

Anyway, I hope you also get to spend a few minutes to a few hours figuring out what really is essential to you and hopefully, we will all have the courage to declare to that public that we’re letting go of certain things & it’s okay.  *Breathe in, breathe out.* But wait, I think I should stop here or else I’ll end up rephrasing the lyrics of Let It Go from Frozen.

Meanwhile Muji Central

Anyway, speaking of existential reflections.  I don’t really know how many times I’ve already said it but most of the time, I don’t really know what it is that I’m doing except for the fact that it makes me happy.  If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know how much I love origami & colored papers.  Last year, during the MT Casa Washi Tape Exhibit at Heima, I practically hoarded lots of colored paper from Muji just so that we can cover the roof.  Well, staring at our place right now, I just realized, I don’t just get art materials from Muji, we also have a shelf,  a tall clear drawer, a few dividers, a pair of bedroom slippers, notebooks & clear bottles for cosmetics from the same store.  I also  get my cat & dog paper clips for my feline & canine loving friends there.

Upon reading the invite about the Muji Yourself event where it said “for the kids & kids at heart”, I went, “Oh my gosh! That’s me!”  I don’t think the kid inside me–the one who easily gets excited and loves discovering new fun things–will ever grow up!

Bizu Dessert Table Food

Muji has moved to a new place in BGC.  They’re now at the second floor of Bonifacio High Street Central.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by a pretty Bizu Dessert Table: chocolate tartlets, animal cookies & choco lollippops!  We had lots of blue, purple & bluegreen translucent brushes as well as art materials to choose from.  

The thing that attracted me the most was the textile paint.  I’m not very familiar with textile paint & it always scares me just the way acrylic does.  However, looking at our overwhelming choices: crayons, oil pastel, stencils & markers, I realized that with the primary colors + black and white textile paints, I can expand my palette.  I spent more more than half the time mixing colors.  I was telling Ava and Thei that it looks as if long after the event is done, you will still find me searching for a particular hue until I’m satisfied–with practically zero actual output.  I slightly panicked because I can’t seem to get a good shade of teal even when I always do with watercolor.  Luckily, our tablemates shared their cup of teal with me and that prompted me to start painting (because…ermm…umm…everyone else has started except me).

Muji Yourself at Muji BGC Central

I was initially planning to paint random geometric figures but with the heat of the sun outside, I just had to resort to my go-to Googly Gooey food prop, popsicles!  I just thought what a perfect workspace Muji has prepared for us.  They have stuff that Instagram dreams are made of.  There was enough natural coming from one side of the store,  we had a clean matte table, there was faux grass, glasses of yellow & blue lemonade with pretty polka dots–what more could you ask for? 🙂

Muji Central Ballpens Painting on Canvas

Clockwise: Ice Cream on Tote Bags by my seatmate Thei Palijo of Nuffnang Philippines. We agreed that we should be using the same color palette & theme 🙂  Lower Left: The hold-it-right-there-don’t-drink-it-yet Blue Lemonade shot.  Upper Left: Just one of my favorite sections inside the Muji Central store.  🙂

G Toengi & Sakura Walters Ponggo at the Muji Central

The event was hosted by S̶c̶a̶r̶l̶e̶t̶t̶ ̶J̶o̶h̶a̶n̶s̶s̶o̶n̶  G Tongi-Walters.  Her cute kids Sakura & Kenobi also joined in the tote bag painting fun!  The rest of the guests were actually busy stamping notebooks with letters.  When you purchase a tote bag or notebook from Muji, you will also get to design them with the available stamps. 🙂

Who’s that guy on the lower left?   That’s Ponggo proudly wearing his Ponggo apron. (How meta!) He insisted that I take a picture of him at the parking lot.  🙂

Muji Group Pic

Happy Crafters (L-R): Paul Chuapoco of Paul the PR Guy, Isobel Althea Paljio of Nuffnang, Nikko Panti of Madhouse MNL, Ava Te-Zabat of ArtsyAva, Ponggo, Denise Cua & Jel Directo of Nuffnang Philippines & Mika Wee of Pepper.ph

All in all it was a fun & colorful weekend!  Thank you so much Muji for having us!  Don’t forget to drop by your nearest Muji branch for all the crafty goodness & check out the new Muji Central in Bonifacio High Street Central. 2/F,BHS Central. 🙂

Website: www.Muji.com/ph/
Facebook: Facebook.com/Muji.PH
Twitter: @MUJI_PH

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ava te-zabat
10 years ago

Had fun with you and Ponggo!:) Yey to the artsy and messy table!:) Congrats again for winning!

10 years ago

I wish I could spend everyday like this: painting, crafting, and stuffing myself up with sweets & food. Why do I live in Narnia?! ಥдಥ

Denise Celones
10 years ago

How I wish I’ll be invited to this kind of event too! Such a dreamy thing to have all the art materials you can get.

P.S. Love the Little Prince art, it’s my fave book 🙂

Cymbelly Marzan
10 years ago

Looks so fun! I bet your house has a MUJI-esque nook. 🙂

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