Lost & Found + A Sneak Peek at Best Food Forward 2013

Googly gooeys Lost & Found "Hey, have you seen my orange bag?" "Oh. The one you used the other day?" "Yes, where is it?" "The one with the black strap?" "Yes! Yes!" "Your favorite bag" "Exactly! You know where it is?" "Well...Hmm..." "I have no idea."

Ponggo’s favorite color is orange.   He loves it so much that he owns 2 orange collared shirts and 1 orange T-shirt aside from his orange Googly Tee. He also has an orange mailman bag and it has made a few cameos in the past. 😉  Our house is also dominantly orange &
weathered wooden cabinet (which was supposed to be originally mine…Ahem).   I was supposed to buy a TWG tea canister but he insisted to by the first one and decided that the first one should be….guess what?

Seafoam Green!  Just kidding.  Orange, of course.

Anyway, since we have a small space, we always take turns tidying it up.  (Although it never really gets really tidy).  When I clean the house, I just put things back where they came from or where I think they should be.  However, during cleaning time, I zone out & go into auto-pilot mode.  I end up not remembering where I’ve placed each tiny thing.  This annoys Ponggo so much.  So, as a solution, these days, I just put his pile of mess in one corner of the house so that he has no one to blame when something is lost.  😉



P.S. 3 days ‘til Summer Komikon 2013. I’m just happy that we were able to pack everything for this Saturday. (That is unless I get OC with the last minute details of the booth’s appearance).  As much as I’d like to cram, I don’t really want us to lack sleep that day or else we will appear zombie-ish to the Komikon goers. Hehehe.  We’ve just prepared Easter colored Googly Business Cards, the pins, shirts and plushies are ready! 🙂 The Tipsy & Ponggo standies are already in the trunk! Special thanks for my sister @sitraxis and my mom’s house help who is celebrating her birthday today 😀 Hehe.

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Ponggo & I were lucky to have had a sneak peek of what they’ll be offering at this year’s Best Food Forward (BFF)!   Best Food Forward is a huuuuuge food fair and yes, if you’re allergic to this summer’s annoying heat, it’s housed in a fully airconditioned NBC Tent 😉 Last year, we were also at the event and I kept on ordering Jam’s Food Tapa long after Best Food Forward was over.

I know you guys will definitely be overwhelmed on that day with so many choices so we’ve rounded up some of our favourites 🙂

Best Food Forward Collage 1

  1. Cookies by Kalookies! – I always see these cookies on Patty Laurel’s blog & Instagram & always wondered what they tasted like.  We finished our box of three even before we left the BFF Sneak Peek. 😉 My favorite is the choco chip with Nutella 😀
  2. Iced Tea by Gold Leaf Tea – I’m pretty sure that by now you’re tired of your usual blehhh iced tea so this one drink our table really welcomed.  Some of us even went back for seconds of this citrus-infused tea. Hihi.
  3. Macarons by Mrs. Graham’s Bakery– Ever heard of Bailey’s Macarons? How about inside-out Smores or a macaron with a pancake in it? 😉 These macarons are surely something that you should try.
  4. Burger by Eat My GF (Garlic Fries) – Everyone in the room went “Ooooooh” at the mere mention of the magic word: bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon? 🙂


Best Food Forward Collage 2
5. Brownie Cupcakes by Our Kitchen, Manila Catering– I would like to thank these yummy brownie cupcakes for saving my life yesterday while I was stuck on the road. Hehe. They also have yummy Lengua ready to heat meals and we don’t have a picture of it because…it disappeared before we can even take a picture of it. *Burp*

6. The Kewpie Doll – We’ve been kewpie fans ever since and each time Ponggo wants to buy a bottle, he copies this Kewpie dolls’ position even if we’re in the middle of a crowded supermarket alley.  If you’re wondering what kind of yummy mayo or sesame salad dressing they have been serving you at Japanese restaurants, this is it. 😉

7. Just another shot of Mrs. Graham’s macarons just because I know you guys all love macarons ;

8. Mini Macaroons from Delicakes by Joy – Not to be mistaken with macarons, these are macarOOns with a double O.  These macaroons make me feel nostalgic as my aunt used to bake these when I was still a kid 😉 Delicakes also offers other tea-infused pastries tea lovers should try! 🙂


Well, hope you enjoyed our Best Food Forward pointers and I suggest you take a screenshot of these on your phone so that you can easily locate them inside the NBC tent on April 20-21. See you there! 🙂



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