Good Days Versus Bad Days & Spot.PH’s Summer Komikon Feature

Googly Gooeys Good Days Versus Bad Days On Good Days: "Oooh! Let me post about all the happy things in life!" On Bad Days: "People posting about happy stuff? Hmp. They're all so annoying."

Hello Everyone!  🙂
We have a guest writer 😀 My fellow washi tape, calligraphy, watercolor & camera-loving friend Aina Rosales has been giving me tips on how I can possibly improve my writing skills.  So, for today, I’ve invited her to share with us her thoughts about this cartoon 😉


Remember when you’re in kindergarten and you used to sing the kiddy ditty that goes “when you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”? Then you go and have fun, change the action to “stomp your feet”, then repeat the whole song until you can’t think of any other ways to fully express your childish glee? Well, if you remember doing that then, you, my friend, are old…like me!   Joking aside, we really don’t sing about our happiness nowadays because it’s easier to just post about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (not to mention less embarrassing too!), to the point that you have posted about your good vibes (5 seconds ago), your I’m-so-happy face (4 seconds ago), and your reason for being happy (3 seconds ago). Although the idea is to “share” about what made you giddy or delighted on a supercalifragalisticexpialidocious day, have you ever thought about the grouchy monsters lurking around your social media network? These grouchy monsters are having a monstrously bad day that they would rather rain on your parade than bask in your sunshine, say, making a scathing or sarcastic comment on your post.

So for today, which one of you is the Giddy Tipsy or the Grouchy Tipsy? (background music: when you’re happy and you know it, you make a tweet!)


Aina also writes & shoots for When In Manila 🙂 You may check out her posts here, here, here & here 🙂 Check out her blog, Tweet Aina & follow her on Instagram 😀

P.S. The winners of the recent The Googly Gooeys Goes to Boracay Promo have been announced! Yeahhh! Googly Gooeys Goes to Boracay Winners to find out if you’ve been lucky 😉

Googly Gooeys Meanwhile





If you’ve been reading the blog this past couple of weeks, you might already know that we’re joining the Summer Komikon at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City tomorrow!  It’s our first time to ever join a comic convention!  So when we found out that we were included in’s 10 Things to See at Summer Komikon 2013 , we were thrilled! 🙂  We made it to their list for the second time this year and it’s so surreal. :O

Spot dot PH 10 Things to See at the Summer Komikon

So, from the bottom of our hearts (and tummies), thanks again to Mark Navarro of for this feature <3  Check out who else made it to the list by reading the full article here. ;D



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Aina Rosales
11 years ago

Yaaaaay! Thank you, guys! 😉

11 years ago

nice work there Aina…& tipsy!

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