I’m Not Angry

I can’t believe I still haven’t posted a comic about this (until I stumbled upon it in my handy dandy notebook)!   Here’s a classic Tipsy & Ponggo conversation that usually has that overused line “I’m not angry!” 😉

Googly Gooeys I'm Not Angry "Are you mad at me?" "No. Not at all." "But look at that straight face..." "This is indeed a straight face but I'm not angry." "No. You're angry." *Sigh* "Fine! Fine! I'm NOW angry but that's because you're so ANNOYING!" "See. I'm right! You're angry!" "Sigh. There's no way I can win this."

I always end up misinterpreting Ponggo especially when he’s concentrating and hard at work (with those thick eyebrows meeting each other in the center).  I always mistake his expression for angry & uninterested with a hint of bitterness and I just curl up on the couch and get sad about the fact that even the person beside me isn’t enjoying my company.

Then my thoughts multiply. I end up wallowing in my own sorrow and nursing my pain. *Oh the drama!* Then he starts getting annoyed as to why I always have this habit of checking his mood with, “Are you mad at me?” I’m almost that kid who says “Are we there yet?” non-stop. 😉  This happens to us every week.  Oh what a joy it is to be with me! *Sarcastic* Ho ho ho.


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