Googly Gooeys Asking for Suggestions "So, should it be the pink or the other one?" "The pink one!" "Alright! I'll get the other one!" "Oh Okay." "Do you think I should rest or work on my projects tonight?" "Why don't we watch a movie instead?" "That settles it! I'll be working tonight!" "Fine. fine." "You always ask for my suggestions but you never follow any of them." "That's why they're called suggestion & not commands."

Here’s another classic Tipsy & Ponggo conversation.  I don’t know why I haven’t posted about this too!  Ponggo always gets annoyed as to why I always ask him for advice & suggestions when I just always end up not following him or worse, refuting him or arguing with him about it.  Haha.  He hates it so much that recently, when I ask for suggestions, he’d explain to me the probable result or process of our discussion instead of actually answering my question. 😉

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