Asking for Suggestions

Googly Gooeys Asking for Suggestions "So, should it be the pink or the other one?" "The pink one!" "Alright! I'll get the other one!" "Oh Okay." "Do you think I should rest or work on my projects tonight?" "Why don't we watch a movie instead?" "That settles it! I'll be working tonight!" "Fine. fine." "You always ask for my suggestions but you never follow any of them." "That's why they're called suggestion & not commands."

Here’s another classic Tipsy & Ponggo conversation.  I don’t know why I haven’t posted about this too!  Ponggo always gets annoyed as to why I always ask him for advice & suggestions when I just always end up not following him or worse, refuting him or arguing with him about it.  Haha.  He hates it so much that recently, when I ask for suggestions, he’d explain to me the probable result or process of our discussion instead of actually answering my question. 😉

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Anna Enojas
11 years ago

wanna win~

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