If you knew me from grade school, you’ll probably know that I’m such an eager beaver. I’m the type who’d raise her hand in class. (Why am I baring my soul here?). Fast forward to decades later, I really thought I have safely tucked that persona away. Well, maybe not. But, I was hoping to have mellowed down through the years. *I can already see my friends rolling their eyes as if to say “Yeah right!”*

Lines that Competitive People Say

Last November, Ponggo & I attended the YugaTech x Acer Explore Fast Quiz Night.  I was pretty chill going into he event. I mean, what chances did we have against the YugaTech boys and tech bloggers if all the questions were going to be all about tech stuff, right?  I don’t consider myself techie & I just usually let Ponggo process all the info and gadget specs into layman’s terms.

I was locating my table and I was just pretty excited that we were going to be seated beside the ladies of TheSoshalNetwork.  They’re loads of fun to be with and they never seem to run out of stuff to laugh about.  Acer representatives were asking us what our team name was going to be and I volunteered “Noisy Girls and Boys” even if less than half of our team hasn’t arrived. They were looking for something more concise so we said “Team-Ba” (which is a play on the local name for pailxxxx “timba” and Team B). Obviously, we were up to no good.Acer Iconia 8 Tab Giveaway
The Acer Marketing team has approached us and they shared with us that their boss would always tell them, “You will win if you really want to win.” That totally changed my mindset and in my head, it was like “GAME ON”. That quiz bee loving grade school kid inside me was suddenly alive. Ho ho ho.

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The first round was all about General Knowledge and it was awesome how Geoff was a trivia buff while Ponggo was the type who pretty much fed himself with Discovery Channel & Nat Geo while working.  We were also happy that a bunch of questions were about events that happened during a time when mosh of the contestants in the room weren’t born yet or just too young to remember. *Woops!*

Acer Iconia Tab 8 SideviewOi! Spot the Acer Iconia Tab 8! It’s so slim!

Whether or not we struggled in finding the right answer, DSoshal Network ladies…err..attorneys were also quick on playing psy war with the rest of the people in the room. We would all cheer when we got the right answer and say out loud that the question was too easy even if it was just sheer guess work.


On the other hand, if none of the teams got the right answer, we would still cheer because that meant we can keep out competitors at bay.

07 Acer Philippines Yugatech IMG_9247

Wahhh.  I’m so embarrassed by these confessions but I couldn’t tell the story any other way.  I was also keeping tabs on everyone’s score per round. Lol.  Finally, before the last category which was technology and social media, during the time when we were given a break, we were all online to review some last minute details about the topic.  Luckily, spending hours and hours on Tumblr, Instagram & Facebook has paid off!

Our team won and the whole team brought home a “trophy”–an Acer Iconia Tab 8 for each of the members! YEAH.  Check out The Soshal Network’s fun account of the event here.

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Acer Iconia Tab 8 with Yugatech logoIMG_9252 copy

So far, the hubby has been happy about getting to play Clash of Clans on a bigger screen. But, we promised to share the other tablet with you on Twittah so here goes…

Just follow the instruction on the widget below to win an Acer Iconia Tab 8!  We would also love love love to hear why you deserve to win this! 🙂

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