I’ve been getting requests for workshops for over three years before I finally started it.  I told Ponggo that I might be the introvert of introverts because while everyone already had their watercolor and lettering sessions, I was deathly afraid to face people.  Well, apparently, introverts can be trained.  As long as I get to stick to a structure, I guess I’m fine. (Speaking of workshops, you may find the new scheds here.)

Anyway, I still find myself having some sort of anxiety before meeting a bunch of people especially when it’s a party.  Ponggo is usually annoyed that I always bail out last minute or I get agitated and restless before we leave when we have to face a new crowd. Questions like these run through my head:

What do I actually say?
What if I end up randomly blurting something tactless or senseless?
*Well, I usually do anyway.  Come to think of it, what is there to fear, no?*
What do I do?
What will happen when there’s dead air and Ponggo is nowhere to be found? (You know, he can be a social butterfly on cue).

How the Introvert Parties

Anyway, if & when I get past that stage when I decide that it’s okay to go to a party, I end up enjoying it anyway.  Sometimes, I even end up being the most talkative person too. 😛
I know that half of you might probably find this weird but if you’re an introvert, you totally get what I mean and you’re most likely the type who looks for a fellow agoraphobic soul whom you can cling to the entire time you’re in a public setting. 🙂

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Good luck to us on the next party! 🙂


Tipsy 🙂

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