A Love-Hate Relationship With My Phone

I spend too much time with my phone

If I ever have a go-to gadget, that would be my phone because I can do anything from writing a blog post to answering e-mails, taking care of all our social networking sites, coordinating things and chatting with friends.  But there are also things I do that make me hate it so much:

1. Mindless scrolling on Instagram (and forgetting what I’m REALLY supposed to do in the process).

2. Receiving work-related instructions past my bed time via chat apps. – This makes me feel I’m compelled to reply right away even if a few seconds ago, I was just in the middle of a dreamless sleep. Gahhh…. Anyway, I eventually learned not to feel guilty for not replying  at 1am.  Maybe the night owl of a person from the other end was feeling inspired just didn’t want to forget about some stuff before going to sleep.

3.  Unecessarily checking on social networking sites.  I hate it so much when I have to retrieve work-related messages via Facebook.  I always end up getting LOST.  Yeah, I’m easily distracted.

4. Hearing a “Ding, ding!” chat app sound while trying to retrieve a word, a thought or an image from my mind.

*Sigh* I need to learn how to manage my phone better and how not to get panicky with all the sounds. 🙂  I suddenly feel like a dinosaur who needs to adjust to this new world that’s unfolding in front of me.   This love-hate relationship with my phone has got to end.


Does anyone else feel the same way too?  Hello?


Tipsy ❤

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Nurul Izzaty
Nurul Izzaty
9 years ago

Hey Tipsy! I have to admit, it’s so hard to unplug when you’re so used to technology and internet – especially when you make a living through them. When I did manage to turn off my gadgets and have a quiet time away from technology (hardly happens nowadays), it always gives me a peace of mind and a chance to actually do things without distractions.

Mimi Gonzales
9 years ago

Haha, oh that feeling. Especially number two and three. Distractions are my worst enemies, especially when I’m studying and I get the urge to turn to social networking sites. What do I dooooo????! Haha

Cym Marzan
9 years ago

This is why I turn off all notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or I just made the settings so I won’t see them while my phone is locked, only a brief banner notification that goes away right away. I have considered removing the facebook messenging app, but Facebook makes it hard, haha!

Kris Fortunado
Kris Fortunado
9 years ago

Hi! Do we receive an email after registering for the workshops? I’m not sure if my registration went through…

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