They say when you’re pregnant you have to let the baby listen to classical music.  Well, I’m sorry kid. I really try but most of the time, I just find it more relaxing to sing to myself (in the absence of an audience) especially when the acoustics of the bathroom, elevator, fire exit & car are cooperating. 😉

Best Places to Sing Bathroom Elevator Fire Exit Car

So far, August has been jampacked with so much stuff.  We have a workshop almost every weekend.  (To sign up, click here.)  As I’m typing this, I also need to prepare some last few things for our Digitizing workshop later! 😀  So yes, singing would always and forever be one of those things that will make me forget about the things I have to worry about–that is, until Ponggo complains “Stop it!  You’re too loud!” 😀

My friends and I have been talking about adult coloring for weeks now.  I’m really curious as to how the whole thing works.   I asked why it wasn’t natural for me to pick up a coloring book until an illustrator friend pointed out that it’s pretty much our job to pick colors & draw almost every single day so!  *Oh, that’s why.*

When I was in Singapore, I picked up a coloring book and finally tried my hand at adult coloring.  I must say, it’s a good challenge as I almost always color digitally or with watercolor (where I use mostly random strokes) so I had to recall how to color with markers–one of my favorites when I was in grade school.

Then it dawned upon me, why don’t I draw something & color it in as well?  So here’s the first ever free downloadable adult coloring sheet from this site.  The original inspiration is the view of Reykjavik from Hallgrímskirkja then I tweaked it from there.  Yes, I miss Iceland a lot and I always tell Ponggo that if I ever get an invitation to stay there for 6 months for some art internship of sorts, I’d leave in a heart beat! 😀

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Without further ado, here’s the downloadable sheet. Happy coloring!
Free Adult Coloring Sheet Reykjvaik from Hallgrímskirkja

You may download the free coloring JPEG here.

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