Starstruck and Speechless

I was cleaning up my desktop.  The past weeks have been unexpectedly crazy busy and as much as I didn’t want icons clogging my screen, I had screenshots here & there for projects, blog posts et cetera. *I just love spelling et cetera that way. Hehehe. I don’t know why.*

Anyway, I stumbled upon this screencap of a Twitter account of a blogger-model.  I chuckled.  I remembered doing because I’m a fan.  I even e-mailed this to Ponggo upon finding out that she’s now following us on Twitter.  I also did the same when I saw on my feed that my favorite model of X years is now following us on Instagram!  I even sent the screencap to my cousin because we would always talk about her.  As much as I’d like to dedicate a single Instagram post or Tweet, I was successfully able to stop myself for fear of getting unfollowed or sounding too stalker-ish while deep inside, I’m like a giddy kid screaming “Oh my gosh!  She knows I exist!!!!”

Starstruck & Speechless

This brought me back to awkward memories of meeting my favorite artists and musicians where I usually plan what to say during that autograph signing moment and being starstruck and speechless on the day itself with nothing to say anything at all while sporting a sheepish grin with matching glassy eyes.  Haha. Probably the only time I was able to say something properly was when I met Simone Legno of Tokidoki although I think I also ended the convo with some awkward sentence.  Then again, that’s because I was already onstage for a few minutes while waiting for the artist to be interviewed by TV stations.  I at least had the time to tell myself, “Yes, this is REAL. Stop fangirling.  Stop. Stop it!  Stop! Get a grip!” *Whew!*

Gahhh…So much for being a fan girl.   So, what’s your epic fail fan girling moment? Please tell me I’m not alone? 😀


Tipsy ❤


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