Facts About Me

For a while there, I was already contemplating on living solely on Instagram. Then I realized I can’t! My work involves having to be silent for hours & clicking the day away watching design elements or numbers move, so I totally need a venue for some brain fart. Sometimes, I feel like “Oh, the people are on Instagram anyway & they won’t read what I’m saying here”.  I always feel like numbers are just numbers (i.e. blog & social media stats) until one of them starts commenting online or in real life and I’m like, “Oh no! Some live human being actually has access to my innermost thoughts!”

Anyway, speaking of Instagram (and sorry for the abrupt transition), recently, fellow Big Blog Exchange finalist from the Philippines Aia Solis tagged me to share 20 Facts About Me.  I’m only willing to draw 5. Hahahaha. The rest I shall share in text format. Harhar.

Facts About Me

1. I’m left-handed & I write sideways. I also write with my paper turned 90 degrees clockwise.

2. I’m a chocoholic. The proof? See exhibits A & B. Hehe.
Why Chocolate is Good for You
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Chocolates

3. Yes, I have control issues but only with certain things but I’m least OC with my books, magazines & gadgets much to Ponggo’s dismay.

4. I tend to write the most formal e-mails…even to friends. – “Dear Ponggo, Attached herewith is the file for our common reference.” *Where is the love in this e-mail? Hahahaha.*

5. I’m more comfortable behind the lens. – When MY picture is being taken, I totally feel like I’m being observed under a microscope or something.  I’m trying to unlearn this though. *TRYING is the operative verb.*

6. I eat my fishballs, lechon & chicken without sauce, sarsa & gravy respectively.  I don’t know why.

7. I appeared in a TV commercial when I was 5 years old. *Whatever happened to that career? Hahahaha.*

8. I find it hard to stop myself from crying.  I cry after watching an awww-worthy YouTube vid (try watching this & this), when someone wins a beauty pageant or the olympics or when watching a heart-warming movie trailer.

9. I walk with my feet turned out.  I’m trying to correct this as well because apparently, this bad habit has a huge impact on my knees. *Woops!*

10. My ultimate dream as a kid (aside from being able to fly or become an astronaut) was to be able to buy all the stationery & art materials I wanted.  🙂

11. As a kid, I used to pretend I was Wonder Woman.  I’d place stickers on my wrist (as makeshift bangles) and I’d place my underwear outside my PJ’s and run around the house with my arms outstretched.

12. Because we share the same birthday, I always thought Jose Rizal & I were sort of related and that I had to impress him with my grades.  #WhatIsAGeek #WhatIsANerd

13.  I had a crush in pre-school when I was three.  21 years later, we met each other again & found out that we were each other’s crushes back then!  THE END. *What a plot line! Hahaha.*

14. I had this huge crush on Justin Wong from Mighty Ducks 3 back in high school!  Thanks to his uber common name, I cannot stalk him properly on the internet.  Haha. *Justin, wherever you are, hello!*  Years later, I married someone with a generic name and a Chinese last name who also plays ice hockey.

15. For someone who supposedly has a job in design, I took up a course that combined management with math back in college.  I guess you just can’t stop yourself from loving what you love even when fate tells you otherwise. 😀

16. Speaking of L-O-V-E, mosquitoes love me.  I swear.  I could get 20 mosquito bites in a matter of minutes and the person sitting beside me, nil.

17.  I cannot watch horror movies because the scenes will keep on replaying in my mind even after three months!  I’d like to think I trained my brain to remember visual cues or I just internalize too much! Ho ho ho. (See number 8).

18. Ponggo is my first & only boyfriend.

19. I love colors.  *Oh, right. I’m not allowed to state the obvious.*

20. I danced for 13 years & skated for 5 years.  Please don’t judge me. I don’t look like someone who spent an awful lot of years dancing. Hehehe.

Well, that’s it! Now I’m tagging Aina, Gicel, Aleyn, Mansy & Ria! 🙂


Tipsy 🙂

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P.P.S. Registration for the Inky Doodles Workshops are still ongoing. 🙂 Sign up here.

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9 years ago

Which TV commercial? I’m curious. Haha. #18 though. That’s so cute Tipsy. Awww kinilig naman ako. 16 and 17 applies to me too! Are we yummy? Why do mosquitoes love us way too much? LOL.


9 years ago

I hope you also do a whats inside Tipsy’s bag! Now im curious what an artist’s bag contains. Haha

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