INK Illustration Masterclass at the Ayala Museum

Looking back at the past 7+ years that I’ve been blogging, I’m actually amused how much time I had on my hands to be able to create & upload stuff regularly. Hahaha.  These days, as a new mom, my hands are full as I juggle my different roles but I’m grateful nonetheless.

By the way, the little man is turning 9 months old in 4 days! *OMG* I wasn’t supposed to upload this yet but of course, I have a very low EQ so here’s a mini compilation of our daily home videos (thanks to Snapchat & Instagram Stories).  If you can’t view it, you may also check out the link here.

Meanwhile, now that Riley’s a bit older and his schedule is more stable, I took some time off to attend one of the workshops curated by the Ayala Museum & Ilustrador ng Kabataan.  The illustration masterclass was held by Award-winning illustrators & painters Rommel Joson & Sergio Bumatay III.


Ilustration by Chacha Villamor06-pangolin-img_0336

I wanted to improve my skills further in terms of drawing children’s books so I attended this workshop.  I was pretty excited about this when I signed up & I have no regrets. I wish there were more workshops like these. Artist Portraits Sergio Bumatay III Award-Winning Illustrator Philippines We were taught how we can come up with stories out of random figures. 🙂 Peter Illustration

I’m just seriously amazed how much art people can come up with in over 2 hours. Haha.  Feast your eyes below!

William Illustration Masterclass Ayala Museum

Pangolin Art Materials Ayala Museum


Watercolor PansI also enjoyed the processing / sharing we did afterwards as well as the fact that I’m part of the documentation committee so I got to go around & see everyone’s works. :)

14b-penguin-workspace-img_0326 I also love how everyone’s stories seemed to reflect their personal struggles. :D  Hehe. 15-art-materials

Tippy Go Doodles Ayala MuseumI kept on seeing bunnies in my random drawings. I don’t know why.  Then, the bunnies positions also reminded me of Riley somehow.  In the end, I was able to thread a story about this bunny who was questioning her routine life and wanted to find a new place.   A random storm came which lifted up the stump she was seated on, tossed everything into the air.  In the last frame, everything fell to the ground again–her place was rearranged but she was able to find peace & contentment.  Sounds like my journey into motherhood with my new life, worklife, workflow et cetera :) Hehe. :D

I also like how everyone has a different style and favourite medium. 🙂
Ayala Museum Illustration Masterclass Ilustrador ng Kabataan

I learned so many new insights and the ones I believed in have been validated as well:
1) The medium you use can also be part of your message (e.g. my ink blots were also a means to communicate spontaneity).
2) Make sure that your work reflects your personal voice.
3) Your life is raw material in itself. 😀
4) For your style to evolve, list down visual cliches & avoid them. (Well, I really tried not to use colors in this piece. I tried. Hahaha.)

Below is Rommel looking at Peter’s work. The hole in the accordion is supposed to function as a literal portal–It’s a part of the storyline. 😀

Rommel Joson Ilustrador ng Kabataan

I like how we have access to these papers cut lengthwise.  I’ve always wanted to come up with an accordion sketch book of people but never did. Haha. 😀

Mariel Vera-GoMariel Vera-Go used paper cut outs for her story!

James Abalos Ilustrador ng Kabataan Ayala Museum

So, I was able to take home the works of James Abalos (above) and Ara Villena (below) thanks to a postcard I initially traded because I already have a copy of the one that was given to me. 😀

Ara Villena Ilustrador ng Kabataan

Here’s the class photo.  That is not my real height because I’m tiptoeing. Hehehe.

Illustration Masterclass Class PictureI’m really enjoying this year’s 25th Celebration of Ilustrador ng Kabataan and I might be back again in Ayala Museum next next week for the Sketching Afternoon just to chill with my fellow INKies :)

Ayala Museum Sketch Afternoon

If you’d like to check out the works of the mentioned artists above, just visit Ang-Ink.Org 🙂

Oh wait, speaking of, I really have to be in Ayala Museum next week as I’ll be one of the co-hosts of INKfest 2016. 😀 My heart is leaping with joy (or maybe I’m nervous but I misinterpreted my own feelings…is that even possible)?

INK Fest October 1 Ayala Museum

5 years ago, I visited INK’s 20th Anniversary held in the same venue.  I so longed to be a member but I didn’t know if I’ll ever get accepted.  That time too I was busy figure skating (LOLz) so I didn’t know if I could commit to the monthly meetings and I used it as a convenient excuse in my mind because I was so scared to submit my work.  😀

I tried and I was surprised I passed!  I do have so much love & respect for this group of unassuming bunch. :O I have written it before but I’m like the internal fan girl / cheerleader. Hehe. 😀

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Meanwhile, here are some of my photos from the recent Tinker Tales exhibit.

Ayala Museum Tinker Tales

The concept of Tinker Tales is for the audience to create stories from the frames they see. Ayala Museum Ilustrador ng Kabataan Mobiles

Ayala Museum Ilustrador ng Kabataan

This is INK’s resident mascot Penpen which is a larger than life writing nib churning out stories of its own. :DAyala Museum Ilustrador ng Kabataan Riley Go Ayala Museum

Yes, that’s Lye-Lee (Riley) staring at mommy’s work. Hehe. I don’t know what he’s thinking.  All I know is I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that allows me to explore new things. To boot, I never worked on a 10″ x 30″ painting until this exhibit. Haha.

This will be open until the 16th of October by the way.  I’ve been telling our workshop students to visit this because it’s such an eye opener in terms of how a medium can be treated.  For instance, there are so many ways by which watercolor was used.

INK 25th Ayala Museum INK Tinker Tales Ayala Museum INK Ayala Museum Installation

But wait, where did the concept begin? 🙂  Last year, INK was tasked to paint stones from which people can build stories.

INK Story Stones

I really wanted to attend this event last year but I was close to giving birth so I wanted to be within a good radius of my hospital. Hahahaha.

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Anyway, from these stones, students were asked to build stories. From these stories, INKies then created these illustrations.

INK Mermaid Piece About CapitalismThe story that was given to me is about a grown-up mermaid that wanted to reach for the starfish and saw so many beautiful creatures in the ocean but I turned it into a piece about capitalism.  Hahaha.  Look at all the fish with breathing & flotation device.  They forgot how to swim already.  It’s like how we are as humans.  We forget that we can actually exist by consuming less and focusing on our inner selves rather than things that are tangible.

I’ve never said it bluntly before but my visuals always look kiddie & happy even if the content is usually suited for an older crowd. 😀

Anyway, sorry for inserting that gloomy paragraph.  I swear it makes people sad when I tell that story.  😛

Anyhooz, here are some of my favorites pieces from the exhibit.  These were made by Liza Flores. 😀
Liza Flores INK INK Liza Flores Ayala MuseumSo amused how intricate her works are.  Also, her name is already a branding tool by itself as she also loves playing with botanical elements. 🙂
Liza Flores Ayala Museum INK
I also love the brevity & consistency of Don Mikel Fumar‘s works. You can see the rest of his works on newspapers & magazines. 🙂  Guys, please note, I am not a professional critique.  I can only comment based on my personal bias & preferences. Hahaha. 😀
Don Mikel Fumar Ayala Museum

Also one of my favorites, the work of Aaron Asis.  Thank you by the way for critiquing my lay-out and storyline 😀  His distinct dry brush strokes have recently graced the visuals of the Readers & Writers Festival as well as National Bookstores materials during the Manila International Book Fair. 🙂

Aaron Asis
Search for this tiny noodle.  By the way, I’d like to give the hubby a shoutout for taking the photos during the exhibit as I was busy carrying Riley. 😀  On a sidenote, I’m super excited to finish this post as he will most probably be done cooking his truffle potato thins. Yasss! So grateful for Sundays like these. :DINK Tinker Tales Ayala Museum 25th Year INK Tinker Tales Ayala Museum 25th Year

Whew! Just relieved to have gotten the shot above before so many people flocked to the area. Hahaha. (Think almost 1 person per tile).INK Tinker Tales Ayala Museum

Well, that’s it!  Happy 25th birthday Ilustrador ng Kabataan and here’s Chocolate Kiss Cafe’s Signature Devil’s Food cake with a fancy topper! 😀

Ilustrador ng Kabataan 25th Anniversary Cake To those who would like to become a member, applications usually happen during the start of the year soooooo, just wait for news here:

Website: Ang-Ink.Org
Facebook: Facebook/
Instagram: Instagram/Hello_Ink

🙂 But wait, see you on the following dates! 🙂 *Waves with a potato chip in one hand*

INK Ayala Museum Tinker Tales

P.S. By the way, we will also be also be in Ayala Museum after the series of INK activities for the Kids’ Watercolor Doodles Workshop.  More details here.

P.P.S. If you’re here to learn who won the Blog Giveaway, congratulations on getting to this part of the post after 1,500 words. *Oops* 😀

Here are zeh winners… 😀
*Drumroll please (or open Spotify & play your own upbeat music. Hehe).*
Before we begin, no bitter Tweets or comments after the announcement please. 😀   I hope this video will make you feel better & forget about the giveaway results. Hehe.  Also, winners should provide their mailing address and contact details via e-mail ( so we can send them the prizes or we will have to pick new winners in a weeks’ time. 😀   By the way, Googoo and Gaga goodies will be shipped by the company itself. *Say Googoo and Gaga goodies 5x. 😀 Happy already?* /This is what happens when I read Riley too much Dr. Seuss/

Winners of Faber-Castell Pitt Pens & Around the World with the Googly Gooeys Coloring Books. (You may get your Pitt Pens from, branches of Scribe Writing Essentials &  Meanwhile, you can get a copy of the coloring book in National Bookstore branches nationwide). 🙂

  1. Cham Cuartero
    2. Jomil Adrielle (@jomiladrielle)
    3. Cyril Anne Sinay (@disenyu)
    4. Aina Rosales-Angeles
    5. Diane Salazar

Winners of Googly Notebooks & 60 Faber-Castell Connector Pens

  1. Janet Botero
    2. Elena Caragay-Bartolome (@elenacreates)
    3. Rickie Meris
    4. Vix Parungao (@mumwrites)
    5. Mariella Firmalo (@doodlewithmars)

Winner of Googly Notebook & 12 Faber-Castell Gelatos

Michael Ledesma

Workshop Slot Winners

Jacqui Ang with Lyne Ramos (claimed)

Winners of Items from Cath Kidston

  1. 2 Tea Towels:  Ericka Sallador
  2. 2 Tea Towels: Erlain Gool
  3. Water Bottle: Anne Glorraine
    3. Exercise Books: Angela Lopez (@elaofnutella)
    4. Shopping Bag: Ceejay Bautista Sahagun

Winners of Googoo and Gaga + Teething Beads

  1. Pia Belleza
    2. Ronabanana
    3. Cee Nacario (@madebycee)

Well, that’s it! Whew! See you around as we have the following events:
October 1 -INK Fest Hosting
October 9 – Last Watercolor Doodles Workshop
October 16 & 23 – Watercolor Doodles for Kids
November 12 & 13 – Singapore Workshops

Sign up at 🙂

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Cee Nacario
Cee Nacario
7 years ago

OMG! Thank you Ms. Tippy ? Perfect gift for my baby who’ll turn 7 months tomorrow ? Thank you so much ??

Sean Lauban
Sean Lauban
7 years ago

ayh di ako nanalo pero ok lang may susunod pa man diba? kaya ko pa naman maghintay

hanggat ako pa ay humihinga, may pag asa

pero sana please kahit ito lang ang advance birthday gift

Jham Lavigne
Jham Lavigne
7 years ago

Congrats to all of the winners 🙂
Sana next time, kami naman 🙂

Michael Ledesma
Michael Ledesma
7 years ago

OMG! Thank you Mommy Tippy! So excited to try those gelatos! ? Thank youuuu!!

P.S. Hi Riley! Happy 9 months in a few! ??

Star Mcbin
Star Mcbin
7 years ago

Congrats po sa lahat! Better luck next time for me.. ipon ipon na lang mkabili rin aq ng ganyan…

Cham C.
Cham C.
7 years ago

Yay! Email sent po! Do let me know if it got through. Thanks! ?
– Cham Cuartero
IG: messhallkitty

7 years ago

Oooooh so that’s the story behind the exhibit. I came one time and was wondering why I couldn’t stitch the illustrations together. Apparently, they aren’t actually related hehe. I totally missed where that was explained/written (was it?). XD I hope you guys produce an art book of the illustrations + the stories. Would love to get one!

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