Illustrated Lyrics: When I Was Your Man by Burno Mars + Yesterday’s Photo Shoot

Googly Gooeys When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars "Same bed but it feels a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same "They're playing it in A minor instead of Em" When our friends talk about your all that it does is tear me down Cause my heart braks a little when I hear your name "Your name." "Your name." "Your name." It all just sounds like oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh "You sound like a ghost when you sing!" Too young too dumb to realize "Age: Too Young, Average Grade: F" That I should have brought you flowers and held your hand "Too late" Should have gave your all my hours when I had the chance "I need your time, not your watches!" Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance "When I said party I didn't mean kiddie party"

It’s been ages since we posted an illustrated song!  This one goes out to @littlemisspams on Twitter who said that for our next post, we should draw another song!   This isn’t the first Bruno Mars song we’re posting.    The last time, we did Marry You while this cartoon was inspired by his “Lazy Song” 😉

I actually doubted Bruno Mars when his first song Just the Way You are first came out.  I mean, in a world full of girls wanting to be something close to an image the media has been bombarding them with, feel good songs are always a hit.  (Add “You’re Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, “Little Things” written by Ed Sheeran and sung by One Direction to the list.  Of course they’re good artists and respectable singers as well.)  When the hyperbole-filled Grenade came out I wanted to make a parody of it but mister manager Ponggo  (and apparently my hubby) was telling me that it’s too violent for a cartoon and the Googly Gooeys can’t be too bloody. (Fine, fine, fine!)

Finally, with the streaks of well-written songs and catchy tunes, especially his recent release When I Was Your Man, I finally got to appreciate his voice!  Ponggo still isn’t such a fan of Bruno Mars but I tease him that maybe he’s just bitter the man has billboards allover the Metro and he doesn’t 😉

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section The Sago Project Gabe's First Photo Shoot





Just sharing with you this fun photo shoot we did yesterday! 🙂 We still can’t get enough of this kid, we miss her already!

Gabe's first photo shoot via the Sago Project

We posted the rest of the photos from this set on our new Facebook page,  As some of you might have read in the past, we were out of ideas on how we can possibly incorporate our photography and graphics projects with the Googly Gooeys so created a new website 🙂 We’re taking baby steps to build it but you’ll find the rest of our works here, here and here. 🙂

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11 years ago

As lazy as I am, a post on laziness might help me flex my facial muscles (not that I often intend to do it…but once in a while is fine!). Do u know it takes 29 muscles to form a smile…man! that is some work.
By the way I like what U did to the song…lol.

11 years ago


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