Seven Colorful Instagram Accounts to Follow

When we launched the Oh Brighter Days collection last August, we just got home from our Singapore Workshop.  Then, the months after that seemed to compete with each other in terms of schedule with the following happening:

La Union Workshop
Katipunan Art Festival
New Workshop: Brush Lettering Meets Paper Cutting
Watercolor and Lettering Workshop
Work & Some Watercolor Workshops!
Alabang Workshops
August Workshops & New Doodling Buddies
Color pop fair INK Fest + Color Pop Fair in Photos

Wahh! *Checks schedule sheet.*  There’s actually more and I don’t know how I managed to survive but I did anyway.  On top of that, I’m getting heavier by the day (and still am) because of this hyper baby inside mahh tummy.

Anyway, I’ve always been meaning to share with you where we got our Instagram inspo for the launch of the Oh Brighter Days collection with Heima.  To refresh your memory, it’s a furniture and art print collab between quirky furniture store Heima & The Googly Gooeys. 🙂

Without furthre adieu, we’d like to share with you seven colorful Instagram accounts to follow.  When their interviews were being posted one by one on Heima’s blog, I was super excited!  I always wanted to know what inspires these artists & lifestyle bloggers and how their minds work:

1. Pete Cromer
I have a lot of favorite Australian artists and Pete is one of them. His palette is just ♥♥♥.  He makes me want to pick up a sponge and create all those pretty textures.

Pete Cromer ParrotBy the way, I did end up buying a set of sponge earlier this year but I haven’t touched them up to this day. Haha.  Get to know more about Pete’s body of work by reading his interview here.  Or check him out on the following:

Instagram: @PeteCromer
Website / Portfolio:

Pete Cromer Druids Mushrooms Parrots

2. Molly Jacques

I’ve been a fan of Molly for around three years now.  Back then, I was discovering my love for raw ink.  Also, when dip pens were all the craze, she would do her lettering with chalk, a marker or a pencil plus a bit of magic!  Read Molly’s interview on Heima’s blog here.

Up to this day, I always show samples of Molly’s work during my Digitizing Workshops.  She just has her own distinct personal style.  When I was working on the patterns for the OhBD collection, I was so scared that I’ll be introducing a new style–abstracts.  I don’t know how it will be received aesthetically but I just knew it made me happy.  So, thank you Molly for the constant reminder to “be distinctly you”. 🙂
Molly Jacques CalligraphyInstagram: @MollyJacques

3. Gemma Patford
Gemma’s all about making rope baskets.  And, just when you think she’s already explored everything there is to her craft, she comes up with some ingenious idea and puts a twist on her current work.  Her light pastels were definitely one of the inspirations for the Oh Brighter Days collection.

Gemma Patford Baskets

Instagram: @GemmaPatford

4. Patty Laurel
I got to know Patty when we went to a trip to Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards.  Well, actually, we were schoolmates in college but back then I would mostly see her on MTV as a VJ or as a courtside reporter for UAAP.  When we were brainstorming with Heima about the Oh Brighter Days collection, we had shortlist a group of people whom we’d like to design for.  One of them was Patty.  I swear, she’s such a burst of sunshine when you meet her.  It also shows through her blog and Instagram captions.  These days, I’m guilty of visiting her IG every day just to check if she has posted photos of her cute son Theo. 🙂 If you want to know what I’m talking about, type in #EveryDayWithTheo on IG!

Patty LaurelCheck out Patty Laurel’s OhBD interview here.  I’m also super grateful that Patty actually agreed to be interviewed as during this time, she just gave birth.

Instagram: @PattyLaurel

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5. Melissa Gatchalian
I’ve admired Melissa a.k.a. Sartorial Panda for her “eye” in terms of design & lay-out.  When the Heima team and I were talking about how people curate their Instagram posts, Melissa was top of mind. 🙂 Get to know more about Melissa Gatchalian by reading her interview here.

Melissa Gatchalian KedsInstagram: @SartorialPanda

Melissa Gatchalian Easter

6. Kryz Uy

I love it when fashion & lifestyle blogger shared in her interview with Heima that “Dancing has definitely affected me in many ways. For one, I’ve learned time management because I was balancing school with rehearsals. I learned the importance of teamwork and dedication. Fashion wise, I leaned towards more feminine sophisticated looks (ballet)”.  I mean, I also did ballet for a good chunk of my life but I think I love chocolates more so I ended up drawing dancers instead of actually posting photos of me dancing.  Haha.  I wish I was as graceful as her IRL.  *Thinks about how I waddle like a penguin with a belly nearing 9 months.*

Kryz Uy
Kidding aside, while coming up with a direction for the Oh Brighter Days collection, we agreed to make it look like a furniture collection for the young with vibrant personalities.  Speaking of, these days, I’m envious of Kryz’s posts against huge colorful murals! Wish I will have the time to go mural hunting when Riley’s old enough to travel someday. *Oi, wait.  I need to give birth first.*

Geometric Mural Victoria Canada

Instagram: @kryzzzie
Youtube: Kryz Uy

7. Nicole Andersson

When LA of Heima finally put everything into words, Oh Brighter Days was all about “being driven to take on the daily grind with excitement as you push for adventure and living out the “you” that you want to be”.  So who else did we have to complete the list but Nicole Andersson.  *Last but not the least…Okay, that’s cliche, but still!*

Nicole Andersson

Read Nicole’s interview on Heima’s blog and find out how she embodies “a new wave of cosmopolitan and modern cool, while still paying homage to their trademark philosophy of wide-eyed wonder of all things bright and colorful” just like the OhBD Collection. 🙂

Instagram: @nicole_andersson

Well, that’s it.  If you’re wondering how the Oh Brighter Days collection turned out after being inspired by these individuals, click on the product list! 🙂

Quirky Furniture

Above: So stoked that the one on the right is actually called the Tippy stool. Haha. 😀

Have a look at the actual products at:
Heima Brixton
Unit 103, Three Brixton Building,
#3 Brixton Street,
Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City
Philippines 1603

Store Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm
Instagram: @HeimaStore
Twitter: @Heimastore
E-mail (Sales):
E-mail (Other Inquiries):

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