Happy Birthday Ponggo!

Happy Birthday Ponggo of the Googly Gooeys, Birthday Cake & the June 23 Calendar

Happy birthday Ponggo!

Ponggo’s celebrating his birthday today & what can you expect from a blogger wife? A digital cake. Hehehe.  I initially wanted to come up with some comics about birthdays but since today’s special, I just figured out, why not do a list of 10 things you don’t know about Ponggo? Here goes.

10. I thought he was just tolerating my love for colorful stuff.  I didn’t know that he loves colors too!  I only found out when we were shopping for our new place & he insisted on having neon green and orange kitchenware.  (Whut?) Just a few weeks ago, he chose a coral red pair of shoes & yes, he’s responsible for making our house blue & orange (think blue & orange sofa, blue chair, orange table, blue walls, orange strip of paint on doors–blue and oowange!)

9. Just like Ponggo the blue goo, he shows all his teeth when he smiles.  Sometimes, when you ask him to smile, he no longer smiles.  He just shows you all his teeth. 😉

8. He’s such a night owl!  His friends actually thought he lived in Europe or was in a different timezone just because he’s awake, online or both during unholy hours.  Also, it’s so hard to have a decent conversation with him in the morning because his brain is still stuck in dreamland.

7. He loves all kinds of exotic food (think Anthony Bourdain).  Vegetables, however, are exotic to him. *Toingk*

6. He’s a good cook–my relatives & friends are witnesses to that 😀  At home, he’s the chef & I’m umm… the dishwasher & the all-around housekeeping lady.  Our favorite past time these days is cooking with friends 🙂  I just found it amusing though that my lola (i.e. grandmother in Tagalog) passed on to him her recipe for Adobo–a favorite local dish–and not to me. LOL.  But I swear! I’m the best dishwasher there is! LOL.

5. At three years old, he learned how to read musical notes first before he can read letters. (While lazy me on the other hand, just watched my piano teacher press the keys.  When practicing, I always would go, “This is probably where the note is and this is how the piece must sound like”. Hahaha).

4.  Ponggo, the name of the blue goo, is one of his real-life nicknames.  You see, the first 4 letters is his nickname at home & the last two, his surname 😉

3.  He’s allergic to alcohol.  A few sips & voila, he looks like his eyes have been pepper-sprayed!

2. He has the cutest smallest sneeze–it’s almost a ringtone material! (I, on the other hand, have a huge sneeze!  Sometimes, we agree that fate should have swapped our sneezes).

1. Years ago, there was this classmate of mine whom my friends & I tried to avoid.  I pretty much invited all my classmates to my 18th birthday except for this guy whom I thought was just too arrogant & too hard to please.  I didn’t want him there because I thought he’ll just end up commenting on the venue, my gown, the food and whatever else.  I wanted that day to be stress-free and I didn’t want to think about what his comments will be so I didn’t invite him.

In school, my friends & I would pass by him but we would just jeer & sneer because we’re not particularly fond of his vibes.  Once he said, “Hey, when’s your birthday? Invite me, okay?” I just laughed because months have passed since my birthday & I knew I purposely deleted him from the list of invitees.  I even showed him a photo from my birthday with my crush then. Haha.

Almost two years later, I was looking at this same guy while he was walking in our study hall and thinking to myself, “Poor guy. He’ll never probably get a girlfriend. He’s too proud and he loves himself too much.  I’m actually really sorry for his girlfriend. She’ll probably have a code name from him when they break up.”

          Well, look who’s writing this right now? His wife & girlfriend of almost 10 years 🙂

Happy birthday Mr. Ponggo!


Tipsy ❤


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11 years ago

Tipsy dear! We are always the same… =D

Hubby the cook, wife the cleaner…

and to think that I also thought the same about my hubby just like you did on #1… hahaha!!! well, i actually thought, gay si hubby! XD

Cheers! Happy birthday to my fave blue goo! ^__^

Raine Rafael
Raine Rafael
11 years ago

I love nos. 6, 3 and of course, 1. 🙂

No. 3 means you won’t have to worry about a drunk husband barging in at home in the wee hrs of the morning! How cool is that?! I’ll start praying for an allergic-to-alcohol hubby! Heehee!

Happy birthday again, Ponggo!

Sarah Sy
11 years ago

Hahaha… You guys are so cute! This is me almost wishing I knew you guys personally.


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