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I’ll be leaving you with Ponggo today.  *Oh gawd. You just don’t know how happy I am when he blogs. Which is like once to twice a year!?*  But, before I do so, I’m leaving you with this doodle! 😉


I Can't Live Without...

How many devices do you need to bring every single day? Me, I bring my 3 phones, a tablet, laptop, a camera and a few power banks. I can’t be off the grid! Hahaha! The problem here is when I’m moving from one place or another.  A couple of times, I had to go back since I left one of the many devices on my table.  Can you just imagine the traffic you have to endure and the hassle of finding parking space just because you forgot something?


I need an all-in-one device that would reduce the number of items I carry with me! The laptop, uhmmm… I cannot leave that behind. Power banks… uhmmm… I have to get higher capacity ones now. Phones, tablet, camera… I think I can… oh wait… I have to get a new dual sim phone with a tablet feature and maybe one with a decent camera as well! If I find one, then my 2 phones, tablet and camera will be converted to one device. That sounds like a plan! Hahaha! So here I am again trying to search for this magical device!

Asus Fonepad 7 Acrylic Paint

If you know how I shop, you would know that it takes me forever to find what I want. It has to be a nice combination of form, function and price. Tipsy never wants to go shopping with me when I say that I want a new pair of shoes. Can you imagine that? 🙂


After weeks of searching, I have limited my choices to the Asus Fonepad 8 or 7. Why this? It is a tablet, a phone (with 2 sims) and has a decent camera with an affordable price! 4 devices now converted to 1! The first question I asked myself was, do I need the extra real estate on my screen to make me carry a bigger phone/tablet and pay for a higher price? Since I always have my laptop with me anyways, I opted for the 7-inch screen instead.

Asus Fonepad 7 Acrylic

The screen is big enough for calling, sms, reading magazines and of course… CLASH OF CLANS! (This is actually one of the major deciding factors when I was looking for a phone!) Hahaha! The resolution of the IPS screen is nice, I can read my e-magazines and play games while I’m stuck in traffic without straining my eyes! (Despite the “small” screen, the text is still clear enough to read without zooming in.)


One major problem I had with my older devices is that they are now too slow. It takes a few seconds to open my sms or email inbox. (Yes, I heard you right, time to delete stuff.) Oh… also… Clash of Clans sometimes lags too! That means… I needed a new phone / tablet! (What a perfect justification to get a new device! J)  The Asus Fonepad is very well capable of running most of the apps I need for work and play. Nerd mode: Asus used an Intel Atom Z2520 dual core processor with Intel hyper threading technology making it efficient in processing data.. In simple words: It is a fast tablet. It has 16gb of storage with an extra micro sd slot if you need more space.

Asus Fonepad 7 Acrylic Paint

The battery of this tablet lasts for a bit more than a day for me even if I sometimes use it to play games. At the end of the day, sometimes 30% is still left. (By the way, I am a heavy phone user J)


The Pixelmaster camera has a lot of modes! It makes it easier for you to set what you need. The rear cam is 5mp while the front cam is 2mp! (For those who like taking selfies, this one is good for you!) It has a low light mode that allows you to take photos when it is dark.


The user inferface of this tablet is very easy to use! I guess out of all the tablets that I have used the past few years, the Zen UI I guess was the most simple and at the same time, the most complete interface for a tablet. The What’s Next app is very useful as well since it would remind you about all the appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and even the weather! It has a lot of other pre-installed apps which I haven’t really tried out yet but it seems very promising!


The bonus for this phablet… the price! The unit I have sells for only Php6,995! I guess this is a good deal for a great tablet that’s a phone… that’s a camera as well!

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