I still clearly remember that moment when I was 6 years old.   I was staring at a bunch of stationeries and art materials.  I told myself that someday, when I grow up and have a job, I will be able to buy all the art materials I wanted!   That was the time when I would save a good chunk of my allowance so that I could finally buy that dream marker set I would always see after ballet class.

Fast forward to years later, here I am still coming up with all the excuses to buy art materials!  Excuses to Buy Art Materials

I’m staring at this shelf of ours at home and wondering if I should have changed my dream.  Whatever happened to that goal of being able to explore the outer space?  Should I have chosen a different path?!?

My dream was again validated when I went to Fully Booked in Greenbelt 5.  I realized, I can’t change the things that truly make me happy.  I saw shelves and shelves of paint tubes plus tables of paper and I wanted to have everything!  It’s like the kid inside me never really grew up.  (I just probably have more adult stuff to deal with now such as monthly bills and and this thing called marriage which makes it sound oh-so-formal but really, it only feels like you get to share a house with your crush. 😉 #Cheesy)

Well, for the record, taking photos in this area is not allowed so we asked for official permission so I can share with you this piece of heaven!  Just in case you’re wondering where this is, it’s located at the basement just in front of Healthy Options.

Art Supplies Philippines Fully Booked Greenbelt 5

Yup, you’re staring at the stuff that dreams are made of.  Well, Ponggo found me walking with a smile on my face.  I was partly broken-hearted because I wanted to buy the whole store  and I was also overwhelmed because I was just trying to imagine all the possibilities!

Art Supplies Fully Booked Greenbelt Basement

To give you an idea, this is how two-thirds of the place looked like.  So…Yeah…It was hard to shoot when half of your mind is already thinking of what to buy! SFJKDFSLKSJFKDJ!

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Fully Booked Watercolor Supplies

Just when you thought that’s already too much to process, this area has an extension and it’s bound to keep you staring for a long time. 🙂

Van Gogh Watercolor Set Fully Booked

Van Gogh Acrylic Set

 As I always say, I always find myself hopping from one medium to another and if there’s anything consistent in my work, it’s my love for colors.  So just imagine how challenging it was for me to go through everything.  *I sound insane. It’s like I’m happy but I’m in pain.* I’m actually quite relieved I haven’t explored oil painting yet or elseeee! *Whew!*

Calligraphy Pens and Nibs Fully Booked

They also have Calligraphy pens, nibs, holders and inks for all you addicts!

Gold Acrylic Spray Fully Booked

Ponggo was eyeing these acrylic sprays especially the orange one.  I’m so happy I married someone who isn’t afraid of colors! 🙂

Fully Booked Pencils

Amsterdam Acrylic Paint

Not TUBES but TUBS of paint.  I’m currently seeing myself working on a huge canvas–so huge, I’ll probably need a ladder.  Then, I could probably place the output in my spacious imaginary living room in the future! Oooooohhh. *You know, if I shared with you all the things I imagined and just let my mind wander, I will never finish this blog post.*

Golden Liquid Acrylics

Golden Acrylic Paints!  Don’t you just love how they used the actual color as a sample outside the packaging? Now, you’re saved from all the guess work and stash of unused supplies filled with buyer’s remorse.

Just in case you’ve seen it here, here & here, I’ve been hooked to paint daubs lately.  I mean, I really tried my hand at realistic art (LOL) but the more I try putting details into my work, the more I find myself getting stuck with mixing paint and just watching the colors on my palette and canvas!

Acrylic Abstract Googly Gooeys

So, you guessed it.  I bought some Golden tubes and tested it against the brands that I’ve been using.  They’re the only ones true to their color–I didn’t have to mix them with any other color.  *Tears of joy!*

Watercolor Supplies Fully Booked

Above: Feeling every bit like a curator, here’s are some stuff you could play with if you’re into watercolor.  I’m imaginging that this is my own set because most of my brushes are Daler-Rowney and I have a couple of Moleskine Watercolor booklets.  They’re ideal for travel because they absorb paint faster than your usual paper.

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Fully Booked Greenbelt 5 Art Supplies

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s tour of the Fully Booked Greenbelt 5 Art Section!  If you’re looking for a playground / art + retail therapy this weekend, you know where to go! 🙂

Have fun creating!❤



Fully Booked Greenbelt 5
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Update as of April 5:
Since a lot of you on Instagram have been gushing about the art materials, together with Fully Booked, we’ve curated a Easter Watercolor Giveaway set we think you’ll enjoy! 🙂 Here are the prizes:

1 Daler & Rowney Aquafine A3 300gsm Watercolor Pad (Php 560.00)
1 Clairefontaine 9″ x 12″ 300gsm Watercolor Pad (Php 699.00) – You just don’t know how much I love this paper! ❤
1 Daler & Rowney Aquafine 18-Color Travel Set (Php 1,499.00)
1 Daler & Rowney Round Brush #6 (Php 210.00)
1 Daler & Rowney Round Brush #2 (Php 210.00)
Watercolor Giveaway for Easter (Googly Gooeys & Fully Booked)

Follow the directions on the widget below to win! 🙂 Promo ends on April 19!  You may opt to join through the blog or our Instagram account by sharing the post, using the #GooglyGiveaway hashtag and tagging 5 of your friends. (Oh wait, don’t tag your friends because you DON’T want them to win. *Kidding*)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anyway, good luck guys! 🙂

Update as of April 22:

Thank you guys for being so patient!
I just had a semi-impromptu trip to Malaysia this week so I didn’t have much time to sit down & go through all the entries. Well, first of all, thank you for participating and being oh-so-excited about this promo.  When I was picking the prizes, I was really excited for you guys too!  How I wish I had all the money in the world so I can give each one a set.  I was teasing some of the participants & telling them that maybe, I should just divide the prizes this way: I’ll give each winner a sheet of watercolor paper or a single half pan just so that we can have more winners.  Finally, thank you for letting me eavesdrop on your convo’s with your friends and thanks to those who were thanking us for the giveaway! Some of you were supposed to win but you didn’t get to follow the instructions completely. Huhuhu.  Here are the winners that you’ve been waiting for:

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1. Daler Rowney Aquafine 18-Color Travel Set – Pam Canayan / @sulat_kamay
2. Clairefontaine Watercolor Pad – Jammy / @sexybunny38
3. Daler-Rowney A3 Watercolor Pad – Cams Obligacion / @camsobligacion
4. 2 Daler Rowney Round Brushes – Ria / @inxpensieve (You may have some Easter eggs if you want! Haha.)

To the winners, please e-mail me your full name, mobile number & mailing address.  Please do so by April 26 or we’ll have to pick another winner.  Friends of the winners, you’ll be kind enough to tell them that they won, right? Or…well, maybe not. Haha.

If you didn’t see your names above. It’s okay. I feel ya.  I mean, I also wanted to join this promo but I’m not allowed.  And…and…and…I actually have to let go of these pretty things soon!  So, let’s cry togethaaaa… *Insert sound of a breaking heart.*

Anyhooz, the Googly Gooeys will officially be 6 years old in just a few days so stick around for another promo.  And oh, please don’t comment “I never win at life, love & giveaways” below. Lol. Well, okay, if that’s how you feel then go ahead. 😉










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