Hipster Problems: Oh, fickle fickle me!

Googly Gooeys Fickle, Fickle Me! When an indie artist makes good music: "Oh! I love his music! I wonder why he's not famous yet?" When the artist become famous: "No he has mass appeal. I don't like him anymore"

Until recently, I didn’t actually know that these types of issues were actually called “Hipster Problems”.  I just remember that during the pre-CD days. (There I am again, giving away my generation!?), my cousin loved this certain artist.  Finally, when the singer became famous, he said he wasn’t interested in him anymore.  He feels bad that he was one of the original listeners and now, the music is being enjoyed by more people.

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During my short corporate stint, there’s this love song that suddenly became famous and my boss kept on ranting about the fact that it was his original wedding song for his wife half a decade years ago and now, it’s in everyone’s wedding playlist! At a recent event, I talked to an artist and we were discussing how Brand X was bought by Company Y.  She was saddened by the fact that it used to be some indie brand and now that it was bought by a company that handles international brands, it can no longer be indie.

Well, I’m not necessarily hipster (at least in my own opinion) but I can’t deny the fact that I miss Nelly Furtado back when she was just this wide eyed artist who sang I’m Like a Bird.  I did enjoy her first CD and it’s definitely far from her remade hip hop self.  Rihanna was also an up and coming artist then. And since I’m not so good at making the words out of a song just by listening to it, I actually thought she sang the lines, “I don’t want to be AMADARA (A Murderer”. LOL. I really loved that song of hers and I don’t know how to feel about her songs today but they’re undeniably catchy 😉 I also feel the same way about John Mayer.  I miss his pre-tattooed days.  Well, not that I have anything against tattoos but I think his music, when he first broke into the industry is fresher.

I guess in the end, people just feel that when they’re the first to like something and it becomes famous, it’s as if they’re forced to share something with other people.  Maybe they feel that a part of their identity is taken away from them or something.

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