Googly Gooeys Hallowen Party Ideas: Things You Shouldn't Do on Halloween 1) Finish all the candy even before trick or treat! "Oh! I thought these were for me!" 2) Use up all your tissue rolls for a last-minute mummy costume "Save the earth! Use some powder & be a vampire!" 3) Gain weight from all the trick or treating "It sounds more legit to gain weight during Christmas!" "Now I regret choosing the cat suit!" 4) End up eating an ornament or a real creeper "lady bug & lady bug candy" "Vlood" "Eye candy" 5) Scare kids to the point that they'll be marred for life! "What if he's a real zombie?"

We just received a letter asking us whether we wanted to participate in this year’s trick or treat.  Some Halloween party ideas suddenly came to mind: what if we play spooky music throughout our house the whole event (or just turn on Diablo & let it do its thing)?  What if, in the effort to find any excuse or occasion to do anything DIY, I came up with orange-red orange-yellow-black-red violet-violet half-circle buntings just like the ones I drew here?  Orrrr, I can also finally abuse my eyeliner and mascara and draw me some panda eyes?

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Waste and stretch a sheet of cotton to make some spider webs or just lazily (and randomly) pick halloween-ey candies off the grocery rack *checks wallet* and pour it into our junk food bowl.  Instead of playing some spooky music, what if I tried searching for the track that went

♩♪ Chicken lips & lizard hips & alligator eyes! ♪

Monkey legs & Monkey legs and buzzard eggs and salamander thighs

♫♬ Rabbit ears and camel rears and tasty toenail pies ♪

Stir ’em all together and it’s mama’s soup surprise”♫♬

Oh. You just don’t know how many times I’ve been tempted to make this Bruce Springsteen song our next illustrated lyrics !

In other news, while no. 5 says, “Don’t scare kids to the point that they’ll be marred for life”, Ponggo has this habit of staring at kids (especially when they’re parents are not looking) just to get a reaction.  If you saw us, you’ll probably think we’re nuts.  Here I am still checking if my aura is kid-friendly by playing peek-a-boo with a random baby while Ponggo gives them this face!

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Well, folks, Happy Halloween in advance!

Wanna know where all these costumes came from? 🙂
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Happy Halloween!
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