Poor Autocorrect: Always Gets the Blame

Googly Gooeys Poor Autocorrect When Autocorrect changes the words that you type: "Stop correcting me. I own you remember!" When it correctly guesses what you're about to type: "Wow! Good job autocorrect!" When you type random letters: "ASDFMNOPX" "I hate this thing! It can't even decode what I typed"

Poor autocorrect!  I think most people expect it to function like a mind reader.  Well, the bad news is, most of us are not cyborgs (except for that guy we saw on Discovery Channel / Nat Geo was it and (insert other facts from Google here)).

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Once, I was setting an appointment on my calendar for Fozzy‘s workshop and it gave me this!

iphone autocorrect fozzy fuzzy fizzy

…and today, my cousin was telling me via Twitter DM about exercising.  I was going to recommend  thefatkidinside.com for healthy living, yummy food & exercise but it gave me this:

iphone autocorrect thefatkidinside thedarkknightrises

Now, how far is TheFatKid from TheDarkKnightRises in terms of similar letters??  Then after hours & hours of being weirded out by autocorrect, I finally realized that I once uploaded a vignette of The Dark Knight Rises: Some Afterthoughts on my Instagram account and tagged it as #TheDarkKnightRises.  Oh iPhone! You remember way too much stuff!

Well, autocorrect (UNlike some people you know,) has a mind of its own.  Sure it’s willing to learn but it’s stubborn in general (like some people you know).  Sometimes it will be able to guess the word you’re typing correctly hence saving you from burning off an extra 1 millionth of a calorie.  Most of the time, it can be annoying (which is the reason why we have the option to turn it off).  Finally, in rare cases (and we’re keeping our fingers, toes & eyes crossed,) it can be disastrous–and that’s what Autocorrect websites are for 😉



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P.P.S. The paragraphs above have way too many parenthetical phrases, don’t you think? 😛

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Bloom Arts Festival 2012

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