Working when inspired Googly Gooeys

Yesterday, I was trying to finish a project.  I was really excited to work on it but I initially thought that it would take me one whoooooole day or even two days to complete a template.  To my surprise, it took me only 3 hours all in all!  Well, actually, it took me 5.5 hours because I ended up napping in between.  (I know, I know, a nap shouldn’t last any longer than 15 minutes). 😉  Today, I continued working on another template & I only spent 2 hours!  I thought I was going to take more than half a day since I’m working with a new set of elements.  I must be inspired (or maybe I just had lots of sleep during the Christmas vacation). 😉

During days like these, I’m grateful for my job!  However, prior to this, I was working on a long-overdue post which was excruciating for me to finish.  I was in the mood to work on it more than a few weeks ago but then the busyness of the holidays got in the way so my stories and ideas eventually got stale.  While working on the post, I felt like I was being tortured & I even started questioning what my purpose in life was!

As much as I want ignore the fact work and inspiration are related and no matter how I try not be swayed by my moods, I can’t deny the fact that the two are related. Anyway, I learned my lesson.   I always tell people to jot down ideas before they fly away.  I should probably grab my laptop next time I’m really inspired to work on a project!

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