Signs You’re an Adult + Pregnancy Diaries

I’m currently 9 months pregnant while continuing my pregnancy diaries at 5:00am.  I’m usually awake at some random hour in the morning because I’m too heavy for myself and I can’t be lying down for too long. (So please excuse all the e-mails sent during unholy hours).  I feel like I’m being glued to my bed.  :O Also, every time I turn, I also need to manage that bowling ball in my tummy. 😀

I was supposed to blog earlier this week but sleep would always be more tempting just like during my first trimester (of pregnancy).  I guess I’m at the final stretch of my weight and moving around this much mass is requires more energy–and therefore more rest. 🙂

Yesterday, the hubby accompanied me to an ultrasound, we went shopping for groceries and I had my some routine blood and lab tests.  It used to be that our dates were all about movies, dinners and out-of-town trips.  Times have changed and it’s as if the world is saying “Hey, you’re an adult now…Well, a soon-to-be-parent to be specific.”

When my high school friends and I talk about being an adult though, we always feel like we’ve just aged externally and we know how to handle our problems better but we feel like we still get excited over the same things! 😀 Well, okay, not too excited to the point of screaming about actors and heartthrobs like we used to.

Signs That You're an Adult

Also, dinner nights at restaurants have been replaced more and more with dinners with friends at home.  Have I ever told you how much of a good chef the hubby is?  Well, he isn’t a professional chef but my parents, relatives and friends always loves what he cooks.  They would actually always volunteer to buy ingredients so he would cook for them. Lol.  Tonight, we will be having salmon with dill mustard sauce and caviar.  Well, Ruffles with cream cheese and caviar too!  I also requested for tagliatelle with cream sauce.

Sorry, I know I don’t usually talk about what I eat here except for chocolates but during the past few months, my appetite just increased like crazy and I’ve never been excited about food! *Ahhhh* Now that explains why the baby is currently at 6 pounds when I still have some 1-4 weeks to go before giving birth.  Speaking of, here’s my final (if not penultimate) stretch of pregnancy diaries!  *I think.*

Day 107 – Spent the last hour researching about birth. I feel like I’m reviewing for a really huge exam. Wish me lots of luck!

Day 108 – People have been asking if I already requested for a push gift like a signature bag or something.  They say it’s like your reward for giving birth.  I finally thought about it.  I’m having Wilflour’s Salted Chocolate Cake!  Well, today, I also want some Salami, Prosciutto, coffee and all the things I tried cutting down on during the past 9 months!  *Oi, so near yet so fahhh!* I hope I get to think about these things during labor.  *Yeah right!*

Day 109 – Had dinner together with some of the members of the type community after the Zig Calligraphy Fair.  It was a Saturday night and I was holding a glass of ice in what looks potentially like a glass for liquor.  I’m not a huge fan of liquor but I haven’t had it in such a long time.  So, with my iced water, I declared to my tablemates “Woo! Saturday night! Drink on the rocks for the pregnant woman!” 😛  I swear, I can easily detect weather a viand or dessert has a tiny tinge of wine or rhum now. 🙂

Day 110 – One (really loyal) Googly reader Anne made a poem for Riley.  How schweeet! 🙂 Read about it here.

Day 111 –  So, two strangers actually offered their seats a while ago because theirs have softer seats / bigger spaces!  Pregnancy will show you how potentially kind the human race is. Hehe.

Day 112 – Trying not to cry while fixing the little hooman’s stuff. I swear, I always do because I’m so overwhelmed there’s just so much love for this little dude inside me.  We have so many “sponsors” mainly the two grandmoms-to-be and our friends.  I almost didn’t have to buy anything except for an inflatable bath tub, some shirt (I realized he can only wear when he’s 9 months old) *Boingk*, some onesies (because they’re cute) and a toy giraffe.

Day 113 – So I said I wasn’t going to buy any more clothes but ta-daahhh: I bought another onesie.  This time from GooGoo and Gaga. Hahaha.

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Day 114 – It’s moving! It’s aliiiiiiive! When the baby moves, it’s actually no longer a kick.  These days, Riley just loves sticking out his foot against the right side of my belly.  It hurts most of the time but I’m just so relieved he hasn’t discovered my ribs.   Whew!  He also moves in waves.  If you’re ready to see the video, click here. Hehe.

Day 115 – Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant until: ✓ I feel the baby move ✓ I try to reach for something on the floor.#TheStruggleIsReal For the longest time, I wore it like a badge like “Ha! I can still reach the floor!” But these days, even if I can, since it takes so much energy (not to mention how awkward I look like), I just let anyone volunteer to pick up stuff for me. Hehe.

Day 116 – The distance that you need to walk multiplies when the baby inside you decided to kick your bladder.   Actually, it’s more of a headbutt.

Day 117 – Dear Diary, The veins on my left foot just disappeared thanks to water retention.  I usually get to work out twice to thrice a week.  (Doncha worry, it’s a light one and if you see me, you think I’m either lazy of playing. Hehe.)  However, this week, I only got to attend a session once since I always found my breathless with the baby just doubling its weight the past 6 weeks. *OMG Self, stop inhaling your food!* Haha.  So there: less workout = more water retained = bloated self.

Day 118 – Officially 9 months pregnant and we our last workshop for the year yesterday.  Yes folks, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I made an Excel sheet of workshop schedules and plotted them accordingly to my weight & condition.  (E.g. I could travel & hold a workshop in Singapore during the 4th month, I can’t do back-to-back workshops on weekends during my third trimester). Haha.

Whew!  Thanks for reading until this part. :O
Sorry, I wanted to make this session of pregnancy diaries shorter but there are just some things I want to remember for my future self so I’m wrote them all here.

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That’s it! Thanks for all the encouraging Tweets and comments allover the web. Good night for now. 🙂



Tipsy ❤


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8 years ago

Day 110! OMG I feel so “kilig”! I’m so happy you loved it Tippy! Gotta thank that 140 Twitter character limit too. Haha. Also, I didn’t know babies can move in waves! I only thought they’d stick out their hand or foot or something. I am in shock and also in awe. And speaking of your hubby’s kitchen skills, maybe you can snap some of them too and make us drool? LOL. 🙂

Cym Marzan
8 years ago

Dizizit!!! Good luck with the “exam”! May kodigo (ie. birth plan) ka na? Hehehe!

Pearl Aton
8 years ago

This is so cute! I pray for your safe delivery Tipsy! 😀

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