The Perks of Being Iron Man

Googly Gooeys The Perks of Being Ironman 1. You can control a copy of yourself "I'll let Mk42 do some of my errands while I watch TV" 2. When in doubt, ask J.A.R.V.I.S. "Jarvis, should I have the oatmeal or choco chip cookie?" 3. You may summon your iron suit in the presence of a threat. "Stop! Don't touch my cookies!" "?" 4) You can always create new machines "Sigh. The oven just got blasted by the Mandarin. "oh well. I can always build a new one." 5) You may take off anytime you want. "Hmp! I'll get myself another cookie!"

Last Friday, we got to catch Iron Man 3 at the Resorts World Manila thanks to Nuffnang Philippines & Sun Cellular 🙂 Yeah!  If there’s one thing I love about Nuffnang, that’s getting tickets to the best movies all year round ! Doncha worry.  There are no spoilers here…or so I think. 😉  I modified the iron suit so that it has boots (is that what you’re supposed to call them? Shin guards? Help!) and fantastic arms with palms that seemingly double as  flashlights.   I always wondered why my cousins enjoyed drawing superheroes when we were growing up and now I truly understand why 🙂 And oh! I just found out today that Jarvis / J.A.R.V.I.S. stands for Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System a.k.a. some political systems I know *rolls eyes*.  Yeah..Sorry, I just came across that term a few hours ago and I’m probably the UNgeek of geeks in that sense 😛 So for all the Marvel fans, please don’t be such a Nazi if you get to find a loophole or two 🙂 *holds up peace sign…runs away & hides*

…and may Tony Stark find his cookie.


Tipsy 😀

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Superheroes! 😀

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