Handmade Weekend at the 10a Alabama

Every once in a while, I always get a mini-burnout.  I’m saying mini because it only lasts for a days and sometimes for a few hours.  So far, I haven’t had that bout that spanned months and months.  Normally, I’m just tired of one medium, style or project.  During these times, I always try to look for other sources of inspiration to keep me going.  That’s why I alway look forward to the 10a Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair!  Googly Gooeys Cactus Friends
Above: Friends come in all shapes & sizes!  L-R: That’s Bastardino from Tokidoki, Cactus Felt Friend by Femi, Ponggo the clay dude and our very own succulent from the Quezon City Circle (just in case you’d like to know…Hehehehe).

10a Alabama is literally located at #10a along Alabama street.  *Dear Grammar Nazi, Please don’t crucify me for being so redundant.*  It’s a vintage furniture store and once in a while, they have these events.  Here are my happy discoveries and yes, I took all their cards for you and me just so that we can all go back to this post as a reference in the future.

Kevin Javellana Paintings 10aAlabama Arts & Crafts Fair

Above: The watercolor prints of Kevin Javellana (Instagram: @kevin_javellana) which I found at the Habil Crafts booth! (Instagram: @habilcrafts) 

Habil Crafts & Notebooks by Kath Mitra

Above Left: Adorable Owl Markers by Habil Crafts (I also can’t seem to get enough of the crumpled manila paper it rests on)   Above Right: Notebooks by Kath Mitra of 23060 (Instagram: @kathmitra).  

Speculiars Asa Montenejo Jamie Bauza Mansy Abesamis & IonaClockwise: Succu-loooove!  The succulent finds its happy home in Femi Cachola’s creations (Instagram: @GawaNiFemi) .  Lower Right: It’s always nice to see familiar faces at the arts & crafts Fair! That’s Asa Montenejo of InkyLivie (Instagram: @InkyLivie), Iona of Cordillera Coffee, Mansy Abesamis of Hey Kessy (Instagram: @mansyabesamis, @heykessy) & Jamie Bauza (Instagram: @JamieBauza).  Lower Left: That’s Pergy Acuna’s Muchacho activity Zine.  It’s always a treat to the interesting characters that Pergy comes up with!  I was telling her that she should come up with Muchacho temporary tattoos!  That would be really fun to wear & play with! 🙂  Upper Left:  The Speculiars Booth: Angela Taguiang, Pergy Acuna, Fran Alvarez & Serg Bumatay III! 🙂

I just noticed this is how I always blog: I’m excited to share the photos, I always think I don’t know what appropriate captions to put in each photo then I always end up with hundreds of words.  Oops! Sorry. I really think I just have a naturally noisy brain!

Postcards by Asa Montenejo 10a Alabama
Above: Postcards Galore!  If you love snail mail, you’ll be overwhelmed and excited with your choices here!  Upper Right:  10a Alabama 2014 postcard designed by Asa Montejo The Rest: Vintage postcards by Arlene Barbaza (who also happens to be Ponggo’s teacher in grade school!!)

Arts & Crafts Fair Philippines Jamie Bauza

Above: It’s hard not to miss Jamie Bauza’s booth.  It’s so colorful and aside from her clay accessories, she also sells these postcards that always seem to tell a story.

Hocus Manila & Wood Tic Tac Toe
Above Left: Hocus Manila’s interesting display of silkscreened artworks. (hocusmanila.com)  I attended one of their workshops a couple of years ago and I realized that there’s so much more that goes into silkscreening than your stencil and paint!  Above Right: I was in a hurry since we had to go somewhere and we didn’t want to make our friends wait.  *Sorry Aina & Yaps!* But, I spotted this wooden tic tac toe on my way out.
Cat Sleeping 10a Alabama Arts & Crafts FairAbove: We’d like to call this cat the 10a Alabama mascot.  Chaplin also represents how I pretty much feel right now with this lazy, gloomy & cold weather!

Well, that’s it for now folks.  Follow @10aAlabama on Instagram & on Facebook to find out when the next fair will be! 🙂

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Geli Balcruz
9 years ago

Where was I? Di tayo nagkita! Sayang! 😀

9 years ago

Hi Tippy! The cat in your photo is actually Chaplin- yes, there are two of them at 10a Alabama ;). Thanks for the feature!

April San Pedro
April San Pedro
9 years ago

Ahhh…. always wanted to go there… but I just couldn’t find the right timing… thanks for sharing this… feels like I was there too…

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