National Watermelon Day DIY & the Bandila Interview

I just found out a couple of days ago that it’s National Watermelon Day today!  To celebrate it, here’s a quick stop motion animation.  I know what you’re thinking lately.  Why are we so obsessed with these quick videos?  Well, we just thought it’s been 5 years of doing Googly comics so we might just change things up a bit!

Yup, we’re finally slowly but surely updating our Vine account.

I don’t know what’s with me lately but I’m definitely enjoying these fun holidays just like National Ice Cream Day last week.  I really wish I could compile a list of special dates with things like: National Pie Day (March 14 / 3.14–get it?), May the 4th Be With You, National Doughnut Week and such!  Anyway, so far, thank you Instagram for updating me with those things. 😉
Watermelon Watercolor DIY
Here’s a  run-through of what I did for the National Watermelon Day DIY Project: First, I traced the inner & outer parts of my tape, did some quick & simple watercolor.  I just can’t seem to get myself to paint the seeds. I just feel that I will destroy the whole thing or that as a background, it will steal the spotlight away from Tipsy & Ponggo in the foreground.  Finally,  I also had fun with clay and made tiny watermelon slices with them!

Blog Post Different Sides IMG_2137
There you have it, the finished product.  I wanted Tipsy or Ponggo to bite into the watermelon but I always end up messing up the clay work with more fingerprints.  I also wanted to play with paper watermelons but it just looked too flat.  Finally, I wanted to make watermelon buntings but it just looked like it’s already overdoing it. *Oops* Yes, most of the time, and I’m pretty sure you have it too, the problem really lies not in the lack of ideas but with getting overwhelmed with all the possibilities!
Watermelon Popsicle DIY Project
That’s Ponggo hugging his Watermelon dessert oh-so-close!

With that, hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Ponggo & I surely did.  When we got married, I can’t quite convince him to do a pre-nup or post-nup pictorial so I guess, I’ll just have to make do with opportunities like these!  We were with our friend Mikey over the weekend and I wanted him to take a photo of us walking with this historical building in Intramuros as a background.  I told Ponggo to walk but this is what I get!?!?!?

I guess this moment pretty much sums up our relationship: Mrs. Pushy to the left & Mr. Stubborn to the right.  *Sigh*

The Googly Gooeys on Bandila
Meanwhile, it’s been an amazing & surreal last two weeks. First, we got nominated at the Tatt Awards 2014 and during that week, we also got the chance to be interviewed on National TV!

That’s us during the morning that Bandila segment was shot at the Nuffnang Office with Apples Jalandoni.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the interview together with the ladies of The Soshal Network and Abe Olandres, the Country Manager of Nuffnang Philippines.

P.S. Thank you so so much for the support that you’ve given to us for the Tatt Awards 2014! Voting ends tonight and the rest will be up to the Tatt Awards 2014 Council. We’d also like to thank the Globe Tattoo team for this experience! We definitely learned a lot: from rethinking our social media strategies to the way we blog in general and sharing the stuff that inspire us on Instagram.  It has definitely been a good two weeks of learning to work under pressure–a character building experience indeed!  🙂 The winners will be announced at the Tatt Awards Night on August 8.  Whatever the results, we’re still very grateful for this opportunity!

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9 years ago

OMG! Super congrats you guys! I wish it was longer. Pwede Rated K feature naman? 🙂 Loved that Mrs. Pushy and Mr. Stubborn photo too!

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