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These days, there are more venues to express ourselves  and more places it can be seen (stalked & critiqued). That’s why, more & more, we get conscious with what we say. (Or, are we?)  My friend Val once said he’s so keen on what he writes on the internet because he doesn’t know what Google might cough up in the future.  *Woops!*

And, speaking of getting extra conscious, these are just some thoughts that run through my head while writing Instagram comments.  Also, while writing this sentence, here are some torturing thoughts in my mind:

I know I shouldn’t be starting my sentences with ‘and’.
Is it actually proper that I used ” instead of “” when citing “and”?
Why am I so lazy to Google things? What’s wrong with me?
Why do I have all these questions? What’s wrong with me?
Why do I blog? I’m not even a writer? I love designing though.

Oh. Right. Back to the original topic of how I write my Instagram comments. *Gahhh…That was some ugly & abrupt transition.*How People Comment on Instagram

Editing oneself doesn’t just stop at commenting on Instagram or writing a blog post.  The other day, I was supposed to make a stop motion video with isocahedron pineapples but I ended up continuing the tradition of giving my parents a handmade greeting on their anniversary and any other special family occasion.  It was supposed to be a watercolor project with a little calligraphy but the ink blot changed it all!   After 2 sheets of paper, it finally became a mostly calligraphy project with very little watercolor on it. Hehe.

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Anyway, no matter how many times you let your obsessive-compulsive tendencies take over your work.  Hope you get to a point where you learn how to silence your inner critic so that you can go on with your task! 🙂

*I think I wrote that sentence for myself more than you. ;)*


Tipsy ♥

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