(Tipsy’s) Misinterpreted Drawings & Dan Matutina’s Into Space Exhibit

Googly Gooeys Misinterpreted Drawings "Oooooh nice! What are you drawing? Is that abstract art?" "It's an outline." "Interesting! Why are you drawing poop? What's that for?" "It may be brown but it's a cookie!" "I'm excited for your next cartoon! Why do I have rashes there?" "They're not rashes.  That's your unshaven face!"

It’s a new year (Happy New Year!) and as much as people want things to change, some things will always stay the same.  Take for example Ponggo’s habit of deglamourizing stuff as in the cartoon above.

When we were starting out with the Googly Gooeys, I wanted the cartoon to be all about pictures with zero dialogues but I always worried that they might be subject to misinterpretation or multiple interpretations.  B ack in high school, I drew some characters.  All of them had black beards.  A classmate passed by & saw my work and said, “Aww…They’re all so cute! But wait, why did that guy throw up?” I said, “No. He didn’t. That’s his beard”.  During the holidays, while I was painting an angel sans the wings, Ponggo asked, “Hmm…Is this some guy from 23 A.D. wearing pink but with longer hair? What’s this???”  Lastly, I was also letting an incomplete painting dry at our lobby and the guard started examining my work, “Ma’am, I also like abstract art.  I actually have one at home.” And he proceeds to talk about the painting.

Time to work on my drawing skillzzzzz! Now you know why it will take a longer time for me to let go of them speech balloons 😉


Tipsy ❤

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Meanwhile Section Dan Matutina's Into Space Exhibit





I can’t believe I still haven’t posted about our exhibit weekend!  We dropped by the DLSU-CSB’s Simplexity Exhibit and Dan Matutina’s Into Space Exhibit on the same day back in December (and I’m shaking my head). Tsk. Tsk.  I’ll be blogging about the Simplexity Exhibit in a separate entry.

Dan Matutina’s Exhibit was held at Pablo’s Gallery in Cubao X.  Pablo’s gallery had interesting interiors such as the stairs that had no rails & the colorfully painted white walls which will get you staring for a few moments and partly daydreaming you too had some white walls and buckets of paint to play with. 🙂

Pablo Gallery Cubao X Interiors

We went to the second floor and we were figuratively and literally taken into a new space! exhibit is all about the play with light and shadows through an interesting journey.

Dan Matutina's Into Space Leaflet

Dan announced on his Instagram that he will be giving away a limited number of screen printed posters so I made sure that we were at least early.  Well, we were thirty minutes late but earliER than the rest nonetheless. Hahahaha.

I’m so happy to have finally met Dan.  Well, technically, Ponggo and I met him and Ponggo did all the talking for me while I was busy umm..smiling and being starstruck. Lol.  I first knew about Dan’s works via Pecha Kucha Manila, a series of talks he organized back in the day.  I also heard him speak at the Graphika Manila back in 2011. I always enjoyed how his works which is always a play with textures, gradients and shapes, light & shadows. While the rest of the artists might also be playing with these elements, his illustrations have a distinct personality.  The type that will make you say, ‘That’s Dan’s work!” when standing meters away from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Dan Matutina Into Space Light Fixture

There were also interesting light fixtures at the exhibit area which had white geometric shapes—supposedly galactic particles–stringed to them 😉  The exhibit was not just about the art per se but the whole experience being in a new universe.

Dan Matutina Let's Begin

Finally, I’m leaving you guys with this image.  “Let’s begin!” says Dan about his trip. Well, how apt! It’s the second day of the New Year! 🙂

P.S. Check out the rest of Dan Matutina’s artworks.  I can assure you it’ll be a treat! ❤❤
Portfolio: http://twistedfork.me/
Tumblr: Dan Matutina
Instagram: @twistedfork
Current Project: Versus Hearts on Tumblr ❤
Tweet Dan: @danmatutina


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Badet Siazon
11 years ago

Happy new year Tippy and Pong! I remember one time when I drew “spongebob” on my daughter’s sketcpad, everyone was having fun of my “spongebob” except my daughter, buti na lang hahaha…

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