I Have a Deadline But…

So, last week, when I was finally done with my deadlines, I suddenly felt human…and sort of pathetic actually.   My sched freed up and I practically told everyone whom I declined having dinner / hangout / roadtrip / movie / watercolor date with this year:

“I have a life now!!?!?!? Let’s meet soon!”

Well, that was only some 48 hours.  It was fun while it lasted.  But, the second wave of deadlines started sinking in and new work started making its way into my inbox.  I swear, I’m thankful for these things but sometimes, I just literally open my mouth and I can’t decide whether I’m supposed to laugh, cry or gape at the workload I have to deal with.

I worked almost the entire weekend.  I was pretty inspired to finish everything and started feeling like a useless blob by Monday.  Things started picking up last Tuesday and I was typing and editing on my laptop furiously and hating myself for cramming.  If you’ve seen me that day, you would have probably seen there was a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my forehead.  I wish that on most days, I have sustained energy levels like I did last weekend or yesterday but on some days, I must admit, I just pretend I don’t have deadlines so I don’t feel so guilty about doing other things. 😛

So, which one of these is your favorite excuse?

I have a deadline but I'm doing something else

I have a deadline but…

I’m doing the less urgent stuff.  – Someone once told me “easy ones first”.  Because arduous tasks tend to drain our energy and attention span.  But sometimes, I really work on the non-urgent things just because I’m inspired.

I’m waiting for some inspiration. – I really hate it when I’m uninspired and the deadline is just a few hours away!  I feel like my soul is being slowly sucked away.

I’m feeling sleepy. – When I was still studying, (This is why people address me with “Ms.” and “Ma’am these days…I tend to accidentally give away my age from time to time.) I would stay up late just to work on projects.  Now, the more I’m tempted to sleep and ever since I fell asleep for a microsecond while driving in the middle of the highway, I got horrified and I stopped sacrificing sleep for work. 😛 I may sleep late sometimes but I still make sure I get at least some 5-6 hours of shut eye every day and a good nap in between.

I’m pretending that it does not exist. – It’s the best one everrrr! You should try it too! 🙂

the internet is distracting. – Just imagine if your work was actually internet-dependent.  How do you actually stop yourself from clicking links, liking, hearting, retweeting all the time!?!?!

I’m too tired. – It sucks when I’m not just physically tired.  The worst is when I’m psychologically, emotionally & existentially tired. *I’m so dramatic.*

Well, that’s pretty much it & good luck to us & our deadlines! 🙂 But, if you suddenly feel like you have just turned into a robot from hours & hours of working, you can just pin this to your desk & pick an excuse any time!


Tipsy ❤

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