It’s officially 43 days before Christmas! Where did the time go? It’s a bit of a shock to realize that we’ve pretty much consumed 2017 but we’re also thrilled because the holidays are always a treat. We get to bond with loved ones, eat sumptuous treats (a.k.a. chocolate everything) and spoil each other a little bit if not more. That and the fact that gift giving and decorating are so festive and fun! Anyone with a Christmas tree already up?


Anne (a new member of the Googly family who joined this year & dubbed thee by Riley as ‘Anne Go’) and I dropped by the SM Stationery in Mall of Asia just recently and we felt our hearts skip a beat! (Okay that may be too dramatic. Hihi.) You could probably tell by now how much we love color and seeing how the store was filled with lots of pastel items, cute paper products, interesting trinkets and art supplies gave us so much “feels”. (That’s the term kids use these days right?  OMG, did I just reveal my age? *sigh*) We got so inspired that we even painted backdrops to match the items for this shoot!


I know shopping for fun and thoughtful gifts (for our loved ones and *cough cough* ourselves) can be a bit overwhelming with all the kris kringles and reunions happening so I’d like to share some tips with yah!


Really, it is! Thoughtful presents need not be expensive but I do believe they’re more meaningful when some thought is put into the choice. For instance, what’s the person’s favorite color? Any aesthetic they’re drawn to? Consider their lifestyle and hobbies too. Are they an artist, a traveler or someone who loves everything chic? SM Stationery has A Pastel Gift for Every Pastel Wish!  You could easily fill up a stocking!

For the artist, SM Stationery has lots of art materials, their very own Scribbler Brush Pens, Sharpie permanent markers (Did you catch them in almost all the frames?), sketch pads & a denim tote you can decorate with patches & pins too!

For your friend who loves to travel, SM Stationery’s got really cute luggage tags, portable electric fans, extension cords, pillows, luggage covers, eye masks (where you could actually put the cooling gel in the refrigerator for that extra relaxing feeling), headphones in all yummy colors and more!

For your favorite person who is into anything chic, they have Flamingo LED lights, flamingo bags, purses, pompom gel pens, ice cream lamps (!!!!), and pineapple keychains, earmuff headphones, and assorted phone rings.

I haven’t even covered a good chunk of the store yet. You have to see it in person. 😀


December is almost here and it’s best to plan ahead. If Santa makes a list and checks it twice then we should too. Don’t wait for Christmas rush to come in because it can be stressful and we don’t want that for the holidays.

Wait, by ‘Start Early’, we meant NOW.
Oh wait, after reading this blog post of course. 🙂


Presents are more than just things. They’re an experience too and what better way to add value to them than with a bit of surprise thrown into the mix aka gift wrappers. We’re so happy to find out that there are more options available in the market from pretty patterns to pastel wrappers to cute paper bags and more! Whether you like it more traditional, a bit organic or even pastel, there’s something for everyone. *Adds all the cute gift wrappers to shopping cart. Oops!*


Considering the long queues and traffic, I make it a point to shop in one place especially when I’m a bit short on time. It also helps to check stores that have a wide assortment of products so you don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed about moving from one store to another. By the way, check out SM Stationery’s collection online as they launch their new website on November 15!

What presents are you most excited to receive and give this Christmas? I’d love to know. 🙂


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P.S. New SM Stationery website launches on November 15!